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Amr Madbouly


Amr Madbouly , AMIMechE, SolidWorks Expert LinkedIn : SolidWorks Certified Expert ( Certificate ID: C-WQQS2VZ4E7 ) SolidWorks – Advanced Surfacing Specialist (Certificate ID: C-YU9RPDMYZ2) SolidWorks – Advanced Sheet Metal Specialist(Certificate ID: C-CWXFKQUE73) SolidWorks – Advanced Weldments Specialist (Certificate ID: C-R9PG34Z5Q2) SolidWorks – Advanced Mold Specialist (Certificate ID: C-CH27PG9SD) SolidWorks – Electrical ( Self Learning ) SolidWorks – Flow Simulation Professional ( Self Learning ) SolidWorks – Costing IELTS Overall score 6.5 with 7.5 for Speaking .


work experience

CAD CAM CIM Inc. Technical Support Engineer February 2013 -

Employment History/ Experience: February 2013 to present: CAD CAM CIM Inc. (Egypt) Technical Support Engineer: - Creating and developing case studies - Undertaking pre and post sales technical engineering support - Performing technical visits to solve software and design problems - Practicing as a SolidWorks professional instructor/Certified Expert Key Achievements: Successful in creating and developing design case studies for: Şahin Motors: Rim Cover full 3D modeling and mold design (core & cavity) utilising SolidWorks Muscat International Airport: (Steel structure, Sheet metal & Weldments) utilising SolidWorks ASU Egypt: full modeling and mechanical design of Jet Engine utilizing SolidWorks Halliburton Egypt: full modeling of Shipping Container MOHM: full modeling of wooden/sheet metal Wardrobe Successful Technical Visits to the following customers: ABB: Solving License Issue, updating the SolidWorks server License and delivering a report with the progress of the process. Tercel Oil Field: SolidWorks Composer installation as a server license update Petro lift: Understanding and previewing a container case study in order to design it Leoni AG: Illustrating and discussing SolidWorks costing with the design team leader Instructing and Teaching SolidWorks Courses: I have taught SolidWorks courses to some Companies and Design managers as: - Suez Steel Design Department and Design Manager - Acrow Steel Design Manager - Leoni AG Design team manager and his team. - Link Misr - Design Team - Ghabour Auto Design team - Oriental Wavers Design team - University Students and Mechanical Engineers as individual trainees Note : SolidWorks Courses ( SW Essentials , Sheet Metal & Weldments , SW Surfacing Tools , SW Electrical , SW Advanced Part & Assembly , SW Costing , etc… )



Faculty Of Engineering Helwan University Bachelor Degree ( BSc Of Mechanical Power Engineering ) , Mechanical Power Engineering 2007 - 2012

• BSc. In Mechanical Power Engineering – Full time • Total grade : 71.42% • Project Grade: Distinction I participated in two graduation projects within the same year, which were upon our request. • 1st project : “The Flow Field Characteristics of Co-Axial Jets” - It’s a study of the flow field characteristics of the coaxial jets which we made by designing and building a burner with a specific arrangement of holes around the outlet so we get a curtain of air around the flame to control its length and thickness. • 2nd Project : “Water Desalination Using Solar Energy” - It’s designing and building of water desalination device using the solar energy by concentrating it on a surface exposed to sprayed water which turn into steam and then flow in a condensation tower which turns it into pure water for drinking.



Workstation specs:
Honors and awards: AMIMechE ( Associate Member In The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers , London Bird Cage . ) YIA ( Young Innovator Award ) 2012

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