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Dedicated and result orientated Mechanical Engineering with experience in Project Management and Product Design. Strong understanding of mechanical design, physics, and 3D parametric modeling (i.e. Parts, Assemblies and Documentation). Strong communication skills, integrity, and demonstrated a technical ability in completing projects on time and under budget. Highly skilled team player that works well with diverse groups, internal teams and external contractors. Big picture thinker with proven ability to develop programs, assured quality implementation, and sells concepts to a wide audience.


work experience

Watts Water Technologies Mechanical Engineer / Project Engineer May 2014 - October 2015

Supported the design, development, and testing of prototypes. Troubleshoot new designs and developed reliability improvements for existing designs to iteratively improve prototypes under DFM guidelines in order to bring products to production. Participated in the development of product specifications and requirements documents. In addition, supported and created mechanical drawings, bills of materials (B.O.M.) and prepared Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs). Prototype Shutoff Valve: • Researched shutoff valves, in order to improve functionality and reduced piston vibrations. • Designed and built prototypes from newly conceived concepts using rapid prototyping manufacturing. • Rendered inventor parts, assemblies, and drawings for prototypes and fixtures. • Tested and analyzed prototypes for reliability, functionality, and design validation. Supported the development and implementation of new manufacturing equipment to improve build process time while managing, directing, and finalizing projects within delivery time, budget, and scope of objectives. Communicated effectively with vendors and suppliers to procure, manage and update the submittal process. Prepared equipment delivery logs and track status of orders. Resolved project issues and minimized risks by developing risk mitigation plans, while effectively reporting projects status to stakeholders. Production Line Development for CLX Residual Chlorine Monitor: • Assisted in Kaizen investigation on CLX production line, in order to develop an optimal production workstation. • Arranged production workstations and equipment in a sequence that supports a smooth flow of materials and components • Reduced waste and optimized productivity through 5S methodology, by organization of tools and materials. • Actions resulted in increased production from 2 units per day to 6 units per day and a build time reduction of 62%.

Alger Triton International Design Engineer/ Project Manager October 2015 - October 2027

Alger Triton Lighting is a luxury custom lighting and manufacturing business, specializing in commercial, residential, and marine products based in Culver City, California Responsibilities and Experience: • Interpreted and created detailed engineering drawings and bill of material for assemblies per ASMEY14.100 and ASME Y14.5-1994. • Knowledgeable in design for light fixtures, including DFM, electrical, plating finishes, and different types of crystal and glass decor. • Interacts with sales, purchasing, and vendors from beginning to completion of fixtures. • Interacts with sales, vendors, and manufacturing from beginning to completion of fixtures. • Choose correct components and hardware per project requirements. • Creates and provides detailed information including engineering drawings, 3D models, and DXFs to vendors. • Highly proficient in welding, welding techniques, and various manufacturing processes. • Responsible for moving manufacturing overseas to China working with vendors to create the high quality expected from our products. • Working collectively with manufacturing in China, Sales domestically and internationally, and managers across the globe to fulfill client needs and expectations. • Extensively traveled overseas to visit global showrooms and work with new vendors. • Proficient with 3-D printers including open platform such as Cure and Repetier. • Knowledgeable in servicing and printing from different materials from 3-D Pritners, taking concepts to have them molded overseas and produced in such materials as crystal, resin, glass, and acrylic. • Proficient in material selection for aesthetic and engineering purposes. • Budgeting and scheduling projects for value engineering and to meet promised delivery dates. • Created library for all fixture data to improve meeting schedule, design improvements, and common location for easier access of information.



Arizona State University Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 2012 - 2015



Workstation specs: 2013 Mac-book Pro 2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor 1 TB Hard Drive 16 GB Ram
Honors and awards:

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