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Anuj Malviya

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Hi Guys! I am Automobile Engineer. And here I am to interpret " Why I am?" There is ii-words, automobile and engineering. So, let's start with interest, what I believe that is interest towards Automotives is Hereditary in me. And on the other hand, the longing of finding the technical reason behind "Why & Why so?" Always exhorted me towards Engineering. Now, This is the time to couple interest & the profession. So, I am Bridging both from last 2 years. I enjoy solving the problem and providing innovative engineered solution that delight the user. Through both my industrial experience and academic. I have worked on many projects related to Vehicle Dynamic, Design & Development And Reverse Engineering. I have the hand on experience of CATIA V5 (GSD, Sheet Metal, Part and Assembly Design), SolidThinking Inspire, AutoCAD, KeyShot. As a character Engineer, I always Insure that I must know about "Why this and Why so?" to satisfy myself. I am goal oriented Engineering addicted person, who works efficiently & effectively individually, within a team and when leading a team. Narrator: Anuj Malviya Portfolios_


work experience

Design IYE Services Design Engineer January 2016 - April 2017

Towards shaping career to R & D, my role and responsibilities are; ◙ Reverse Engineering of designed and scanned part using CATIA V5 & Autodesk ReCap ◙ Design of chassis for various vehicles ◙ Selection of material for chassis ◙ Automotive parts and assembly design ◙ Drawing for manufacturing ◙ Defining and improving the design methodology ◙ Manipulated part & assembly detail drawing for product assembly ◙ Design of Plastic Bottles, Canopy, Toys et cetera ◙ Research and Design work for research papers ◙ Basic Calculation of Exhaust System for Automotives I was responsible for reverse engineering & design manipulation for manufacturing and assembly of parts with the complex shape & industrial design. I used CATIA V5R21 module for Surface Modelling, Reverse Engineering, GSD, Part, Assembly, Drafting, Sheet Metal Design.

Happho Freelance Design Engineer May 2017 - July 2017

Happho For Me; ◙ Working platform for Happho is AutoCAD ◙ Activity to get in touch with Design

Tronx/Volta Motors Design Engineer Trainee July 2017 - February 2018

Roles & Responsibilities in VOLTA/TRONX Motors: ◙ Vehicle Dynamic calculation related to suspension using vector superposition ◙ Static weight distribution and COG calculation ◙ Layout design and selection of material for chassis ◙ Selection of tires ◙ Calculation of Dynamic forces in suspension linkage geometry using Linkage X3 ◙ Reverse Engineering using CATIA & ReCap 360 ◙ Topology optimization of existing designed parts ◙ Assist in simulating design using CAD ◙ Ensuring ergonomic matching of all design features ◙ Advanced surface modeling in CATIA V5 ◙ Drafted drawings with Basics GD&T and layout for automobile component and assembly



University Institute of Technology, RGPV (Govt.) Bachelor of Engineering, Automobile 2012 - 2016

◙ Final Thesis/Projects - 'Design and development of the HEV' (Head of Dynamic and Design Department) ◙ Pre-final Thesis/Projects - 'Study of Drag Reduction on Bus Body (Head of Design Department) ◙ SAE BAJA 2015 - Captain of Team TEJAS, Head of Steering and Design, engineering, planning, manufacturing and marketing of an off-road recreational four-wheel vehicle



Workstation specs: HP Probook 4440s
Honors and awards: Awarded as a WINNER in "DAuto Design Quest (DDQ)"_ Awarded for Outstanding performance and high-level contribution along with optimum devotion and sincerity in "DAuto Design Quest (DDQ)" More information about Quest are mentioned in below link_
Interests: Real Time Engineering

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