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Studied Nautical Science in Elsfleth, Germany. Afterwards i decided to search for a shore based job since the job situation was/is pretty bad. I found a position at my former university in 2011 and started with 3D modelling there (again, did this as a hobby in school). Now im working mainly with Blender and Creator to create (unfortunately low polygon) ship models and other models for the use in our full mission ship simulator. This includes the 3D models as well as hydrodynamic/hydrostatic database models to simulate the ship movements. In my free time i like to build mainly aircrafts, also as RC models.


work experience

Jade University of Applied Sciences, Ship Handling Simulator Technical / Research Associate January 2011 - January 2014

Ship modelling, area database modelling



University of Applied Sciences Bachelor, Nautical Science



Workstation specs: normal gamer stuff...
Honors and awards:
Interests: from a-z, i think i can develop interest in nearly everything, if there is a problem which needs creativity, im on it, if its about reinventing the wheel, get away from me

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