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I am a Mechanical engineering design draughtsman who trained on Drawing Boards, does anyone remember them? I've recently (2011) re-trained on AutoCAD 2010 getting a City and Guilds qualification on 2D, and after purchasing Alibre Design PE later that year have dipped my toe's into the enjoyable world of 3D modelling using firstly the AutoCAD package which I purchased a 5 yr student licensed copy of when I undertook my Initial CAD training. The Alibre package at just short of £200 for the hobby version has been the best Investment I've made and Knocks spots off the AutoCAD package. Its not surprising that Autodesk developed Inventor to try and compete with SolidWorks because the 3D modelling capabilities bundled with the full AutoCAD package are usable but can't compete in a Product Design environment. I also had a look at using SketchUp and found it very usable and Intuitive. Top marks to Google for making this great learning tool freely available to download. I can easily see why its Pro Version has found popularity with the Architectural professions and now that they have introduced layouts I could see it gaining popularity with small engineering outfits that can't quite stretch to the large outlay for SolidWorks or Inventor licence seats. ( or AutoCAD/ AutoCAD LT for that matter). I've only just come across this site whilst looking for Fender Stratocaster profile drawings and have managed to find a 3D model with a slightly different body route than what I need for my 3D model, but with a little 2D work on AutoCAD I can import my required Route Profile and edit the 3D model to to achieve my preferred design details. This will save me a lot of time and effort so a big thank you to the original Models creator. I will Upload a Catia V5 design example of a three blade screw propeller which I came across on the web whilst trying to teach myself to model in 3D. I modelled it in AutoCAD and also the Alibre software and by far the best Model and render was produced using the Alibre software.


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