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HeroesToo Design Challenge 2020-21: Creative ideas in a pandemic

Putting your imaginative spirit to test, the HeroesToo Design Challenge 2020-21 aims to promote creative thinking and problem-solving capabilities among the student community, while addressing social and environmental issues.

The challenge is open to teams from primary and secondary schools. The teams will have to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for social distancing issues while retaining the essence of ‘pre-social distancing’ normalcy.

● Promote creative thinking, problem-solving skills and encourage teamwork

● Out-of-the-box and inspired sustainable ideas/solutions to tackle the problem of social distancing in learning environments (classrooms/libraries/home/etc.).

Detailed Requirements:

The challenge is looking for a design that can act as a physical barrier, serving the purpose of social distancing, while maintaining the dynamics (i.e., a form of communication, lunchtime set up, fluid exchange of ideas, etc.) of the original learning environment.

It could be as imaginative as a ‘Room within a Room’ solution, say, in a classroom set up where the normal day-to-day social interactions and activities can take place without compromising on social distancing rules. +


  • Rules for Submissions:

    ● The competition is open to students only, whose entries should be submitted as teams, not individually.
    ● A school and a teacher should be assigned for communication and support on submissions.

  • How to submit your idea:
    The HeroesToo Design Challenge 2020-21 has two submission phases:

    First Phase for all students on the GrabCAD community (Deadline - 15/Jan/2021)
    Submission of a proposal/concept using the PowerPoint template provided Download Available here
    ● The entries using this template should be submitted in PDF or PPT format.
    ● A sketch/image/drawing of the design should be submitted within and separately alongside the proposal.
    ● All submissions should be sent via the GrabCAD community platform, accessible also through the direct link available on the HeroesToo official website (https://www.heroestoo.com/design-challenge-2020).
    ● The submission period is from 16/Nov/2020 to 15/Jan/2021.
    ● Details of the shortlisted finalists will be announced on 29/Jan/2021.
    ● The winning concept among all international submissions outside of Hong Kong will be announced on 05/Feb/2021.

  • Second Phase for Hong Kong students only (Deadline – 12/Mar/2021)

    The entries that make it to the second phase (finalists) will be required to design:
    ● A 3D-printable model in the form of a digital file (.stl) and submitted directly to HeroesToo.
    ● All finalist models will be prototyped on a 3D printer sponsored by Stratasys at their offices based in Hong Kong.
    ● A one to two minutes introduction video about the design will also be required.
    ● More details on the requirements about the second phase entry and additional support for building a 3D-printable model will be shared directly with the finalists at a later stage.



    If you think an entry may infringe on existing copyrighted materials, please email challenges@grabcad.com.

    By entering the Challenge you:

      1) Accept the official GrabCAD Challenges Terms & Conditions.
      2) Agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges (Jury).
      3) Warrant that you are eligible to participate.
      4) Warrant that the submission is your original work. Warrant, to the best of your knowledge, your work is not, and has not been in production or otherwise previously published or exhibited.
      5) Warrant neither the work nor its use infringes the intellectual property rights (whether a patent, utility model, functional design right, aesthetic design right, trademark, copyright or any other intellectual property right) of any other person.
      6) Warrant participation shall not constitute employment, assignment or offer of employment or assignment.
      7) Are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement for any costs.
      8) Agree the Sponsor and GrabCAD have the right to promote all entries.


    Only entries uploaded to GrabCAD through the "Submit entry" button on this Challenge page will be considered an entry. Only public entries are eligible. We encourage teams to use GrabCAD Workbench for developing their entries. Entries are automatically given the tag "HeroesToo2020" when uploading to GrabCAD. Please do not edit or delete this tag. Only entries with valid tag will participate in the Challenge.


    The sum of the Awards is the total gross amount of the reward. The awarded participant is solely liable for the payment of all taxes, duties, and other similar measures if imposed on the reward pursuant to the legislation of the country of his/her residence, domicile, citizenship, workplace, or any other criterion of similar nature. Only 1 award per person. Prizes may not be transferred or exchanged. All winners will be contacted by the GrabCAD staff to get their contact information and any other information needed to get the prize to them. Payment of cash awards is made through PayPal. All team awards will be transferred to the member who entered the Challenge.

  • We will release the finalists before the announcement of the winners to give the Community an opportunity to share their favorites in the comments, discuss concerns, and allow time for any testing or analysis by the Jury. The Jury will take the feedback into consideration when picking the winners.

    Winning designs will be chosen based on the Rules and Requirements.

  • Schedule

    This Challenge ends on February 5th, 2021 (23:59 EST.) Finalists will be announced on February 11th, 2021. Winners will be announced on February 18th, 2021.


Stratasys 3D Printers

Hong Kong Winners

First Place

1x 3D Printer sponsored by Stratasys for the school

Second Place

1x 3D Printer sponsored by Stratasys for the school

International Students

First Place

1x 3D Printer sponsored by Stratasys for the school

About HeroesToo

HeroesToo is a registered Hong Kong based charity established in July 2010, dedicated to restoring & protecting the environment and bridging the soft skill gaps among young adults & children.

Its flagship program, ‘Eco-Pledge’, promotes environmental consciousness through individual actions. Various initiatives, under this program work towards empowering the community to take steps in an eco-friendly direction.

The organization supports the UN Global Citizen Campaign working with the UN Global Goals, taking action on sustainability, global health and climate change. They are an affiliate member of the Hong Kong Business Environment Council, engaging with various stakeholders in promoting Hong Kong's environmental sustainability.

HeroesToo also aims to equip the future generation with skills to nurture their confidence, leadership qualities, creativity, self-awareness and build resilience. And is currently designing a program to bridge this gap.


  • Head Turner Customs

    Head Turner Customs 12 days ago

    Why just students, and not open to everyone?

    Head Turner Customs has uploaded 14 CAD models & has left 2 comments.
  • Steven Minichiello

    Steven Minichiello 8 days ago

    This is deceptive as it is NOT open to everyone and should really be called the CHINESE HONG CHALLENGE !!

    Steven Minichiello has uploaded 154 CAD models & has left 235 comments.
  • Steven Minichiello

    Steven Minichiello 8 days ago

    I also don't think that having different times for each contest is appropriate as it encourages copying ideas and improving on them from the first contest. This is really bogus !!

    Steven Minichiello has uploaded 154 CAD models & has left 235 comments.
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