Congratulations to our winners!

The results are in, and our judges have chosen this challenge's winners! We're doing this one a little bit differently - two finalists were selected for each of the five prize categories. From each of these pairs of designs, one winner has been chosen, with the other finalist receiving an honorable mention.

Please congratulate our winners, and show your support in the comments. We want to thank every one of you who submitted a design, and we look forward to seeing you at our next challenge!

Matt Firmani / GrabCAD

But first, a word from our judges!

We ran this contest with 2 purposes in mind, to see what the community could do with a set of real world underpinnings and to find great talent. Wow! did this community of car crazy designers deliver! As gear heads ourselves we feel the heart that went into every submission. For me the most successful entries paid attention to good aero, practicality and beauty beauty beauty all working in concert. We'll shortly be inviting a select few to a body design cell that will last 8 weeks to create the B-2 Spirit 300 body panels and then test all that aero goodness with a brisk 300 mph real world dash. Stay tuned we'll be uploading the whole damn car down to the nut and bolt online. A massive thanks again to all designer participants.

My personal faves: Andrey Chernerot, Anour Barodi, Bastiaan Kok, Gregory design, Zoltan Szasz

Judge Paolo Tiramani. CEO 500 Group

Congratulations contestants, I’m very, very impressed with the designs that you’ve submitted. Some look like liquid movement, others look like they could crawl up a building. All are superb. I’m in awe of your innovation and bold spirit in creating these designs. As well, innovation and boldness are two critical characteristics we value and desire in our Airmen. Well done!

My personal faves: Anour Barodi, Dustin Anthony, Elie VILLAIN

Judge Mike Davis. Colonel. Vice Commander. Nellis Airforce Base

Overall, very impressive designs. Three aerodynamic design philosophies were apparent: top speed, track focus and street. Each design philosophy embodied the latest design queues from the automotive and aerospace industries as well as the tuner space.

My personal faves: Dustin Anthony , Luke Maselkowski

Judge Adam Golembeski. GM NASCAR program manager

If I had one comment overall to give the Designers I’d say - they clearly have a ton of creativity. Every one of them. Some of the body sides they came up with are really really nice, but they’re way too busy. Maybe if they kept the ideas and shapes they have, but underplay them much more. The overall look would be fresher if they did that.

My personal faves: Elie VILLAIN, Gregory Design

Judge Jason Bliss. SEMA show car lead designer

B2 Spirit by

B2 Spirit

B2 SPIRIT - Honorable Mention
SS Prestige B300 by dustin.anthony-2

SS Prestige B300

Supercar System B2 SPIRIT 300 B2 by anouar.barodi-1

Supercar System B2 SPIRIT 300 B2

B2 SPIRIT 300 - Honorable Mention
BKid Spirit 300 by bastiaan.kok-1

BKid Spirit 300

FE-500N - Nucleus by mimmo.lagonigro-1

FE-500N - Nucleus

NUCLEUS - Honorable Mention
NUCLEUS by basil.raj-1


Grom SR Design Supercar System - Rookie by sylvester.oziomek-1

Grom SR Design Supercar System - Rookie

EVN-GrabCAR-b300 by elie.villain-1


FREESTYLE - Honorable Mention
Supercar System Spirit Free Form by flaviano.crespi

Supercar System Spirit Free Form
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