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Christian Platt


Christian Platt is a technology, fitness, and DIY enthusiast with a love for the entire product design process, from initial concept and sketching, to prototyping, production and distribution. He enjoys involving himself with startups, most recently at GIGAmacro where he machines parts for and builds robotic camera systems capable of capturing gigapixel macro photographs using standard DSLR cameras. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have the pleasure of working with a CNC mill and all manner of shop, power, and hand tools to build our systems. After running the mill, I wanted to make one for myself. I studied for several years as a mechanical engineer where I learned the basics of SOLIDWORKS. I've crossed over to Fusion 360 as that is what my company uses, and decided to learn the program by modeling my mill so I can manufacture its parts in the shop.


work experience

GIGAmacro Production Assistant March 2016 -

➢ Machines parts for and builds robotic camera systems used for capturing extremely high resolution macro photographs ➢ Documents system specifications from part and hardware dimensions to wiring diagrams and assembly order ➢ Performs quality assurance and quality control during the machining, assembly, and testing of new systems ➢ Participates in trade shows and public demonstrations, promoting the company and explaining the function and use cases of the systems ➢ Keeps track of shop inventory and communicates upcoming shortages ➢ Tools utilized: CNC mill, drill press, chop saw, table saw, grinder, buffer, sand blasting cabinet, electronics soldering, numerous manual and power hand tools. ➢ Events GIGAmacro attends: SIGGRAPH, Maker Faire (San Mateo), Nightlife at California Academy of Sciences, Silicon Valley Robot Block Party, and more.



University of California, Santa Barbara Mechanical Engineering 2010 - 2013



Workstation specs:
Honors and awards:
Interests: CNC machines, control systems, electric bicycles, automation, home improvement

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