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Constantin STANCESCU

Better to be late than never


I was born in 1945 - I wonder if anyone on the GrabCAD portal is older than me... Pay attention! All my projects uploaded on GrabCAD are created with Autodesk Inventor (2014) and the genuine Inventor files (ipt, iam, idw, ipn) can be freely downloaded, so you can use Inventor to modify / recreate them at will - they are parametric, not „potatoes” (like STP or IGES files). Remarkable are my 10 projects of 10 models each (100 models) under the name „The CAD Album of 100 parts” gradually ordered by complexity from 1 to 100. They are offered to people who want to learn modelling (see Notes far below). Learn CAD at your own pace by modeling each of that 100 parts one by one, from 1 to 100. Biography chips • Mechanical Engineer since 1972, with a background as worker on milling machine (one year) and technical draftsman in mechanical field (three years) • Assistant lecturer from 1972 at POLITEHNICA University in Bucharest, Romania • Discovered Texas Instruments 59 programming calculator in January 1980 (see: • Lecturer from 1980 at POLITEHNICA University in Bucharest, Romania • Started with computer programming on a compatible PDP 11/34 in December 1980 (Operating System - RSX-11M, main language - FORTRAN 77). The last program was „GIN” („Graphic INput”) finished in 1988, which was used as a tool for drawing by the students at least 2 years long. The program was a rudiment of AutoCAD, which was totally unknown in Romania at that time • PhD in Mechanics since 1984 with a Thesis about the theory of clamping forces in Jigs and Fixture design • 1985 - Patenting the Mouse invention (in Romania), together with other three coleagues - see here: • Senior Lecturer since 1990 at POLITEHNICA University in Bucharest, Romania. • Discovered AutoCAD in April 1991 • Launching the new monthly magazine ”Hello CAD Fans” in July 1991, focused mainly on AutoCAD (including programming in AutoLISP). The Magazine was distributed in Romania for 9 years, with a maximum number of 1150 subscribers. All the issues are scanned and presented here: (Romanian language) • January, 16th, 1993 - Opening the AutoCAD Users Group („CAD Fans” Club) in Romania • September, 24th, 1993 - Joining the European Association of Autodesk User Groups by our Romanian „CAD Fans” Club • Titled Professor since 1994 at POLITEHNICA University in Bucharest, Romania • Delivering annually a ”legendary” free Beginner's course in Autodesk Inventor since 2011. The last one was delivered in November 2016 - see (around 200 participants, pictures at the bottom of the web page) • Many books published, focused on AutoCAD (1993), AutoLISP (1996), Mechanical Desktop (2005) and Autodesk Inventor (2010) - all in Romanian language, and all premieres of their times in Romania. The last one - Modeling with Inventor, second edition - was launched in October 2014 (658 pages, 25 chapters, 1487 pictures) and it is presented here: • Certified as Autodesk Associate and Professional in the same day: November, 12, 2011 • Signed in on GrabCAD in 2012, but the first model was uploaded on January, 29, 2015 • Professor emeritus since 2014 at POLITEHNICA University in Bucharest, Romania Notes: 1/ In my personal library of projects uploaded here, on GrabCAD, you will find ALL the necessary files to reproduce integrally the parametric data of parts, drawings and assemblies, including animation or dynamic simulation. I mean that you will find not only the STP or IGS files („potatoes”), but even the real parametric IPT or IAM files (Autodesk Inventor) which can be edited as you wish. More than this, if you want to re-render the parts/assemblies all you have to do is to open the IPT file, to enter Environment / Inventor Studio, and to re-apply Render as you wish, changing any settings you want. You can use the same actions to reproduce and modify animations or dynamic simulations. This last two operations can be made if you will edit the IAM file, of course. The last parametric kind of files in Inventor are IDWs, which can be also edited and reconfigured at will. IDWs are included with the files offered with parts. Added is the PDF document (A4), which is printable and independent of the CAD software. In fact, the PDF is the technical drawing which contains all dimensions and conditions for ones who want to model the part. 2/ I have to mention that the standard parts (from Content Center in Inventor) present in the assemblies are also included among component files. So, you do not need to re-create the links to your Content Center. 3/ In my opinion, offering the parametric files is a measure of generosity.


work experience

„23 August” Factory in Bucharest (former „Malaxa”), Romania Worker on milling machine July 1962 - February 1963

„23 August” Factory in Bucharest (former „Malaxa”), Romania Technical Draftsman February 1963 - June 1967

Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti Assistant Lecturer August 1972 - May 1980

Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti Lecturer May 1980 - April 1990

Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti Senior Lecturer April 1990 - March 1994

Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti Professor March 1994 - April 2011



Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti Licence, Mechanics, Technology 1967 - 1972

Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti PhD, Mechanics, Technology 1976 - 1984



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