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Daniel Richards


I've had a lot of negative experiences in this line of work, I've personally been lied to and about, given totally bogus instructions, just about everything you can imagine and probably more than you would prefer to believe. I've worked several places, and quite a few of the guys I've experienced range anywhere from outright bad, to mediocre. And there’s very little they won’t do to protect their status or standing in the company. I’ve experienced everything from file tampering and deletions, to being given totally bogus instructions to follow. Of course, the bogus instructions would lead to criticism or blame for the one performing the work. Most of the smaller companies I’ve been in have had “CAD Administrators” who were outright horrible, but totally ruthless about protecting their status and job, all very much at the expense of the company. One of the worst things is totally false and misleading criticism about things that are very good, and people wanting to dictate to far more capable people how to do things. It wouldn't be so bad if those instructions were good or reasonable, but totally ridiculous when the methods they want to force on others are horrible, and detrimental for the company and your ability to do your job properly. One very widely used tactic, especially by those with the least ability, is to totally destroy a model, assembly, and/or drawing and then make it out that it was no fault of their own. It's so widely used that the tactic is also used whenever someone finds it desirable to defame someone. I would love to be able to prove each and every one of them to be the frauds that they are.


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Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


A.A.S., Computer Aided Engineering & Design



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