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Dave Goetsch

Master of Illusion


I'm an independent (freelance) CAD designer working out of Huntington Beach, California.


work experience

A former aerospace engineer, I have a 30+ year history working in the Aerospace and Manufacturing industries of Southern California. Job shops, Ford Aerospace, McDonnell Douglas & Boeing. I've held positions of Production Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, Senior CNC Programming Engineer and others. I've been using CADD since 1983.



HBUHS Industrial Technologies 1969 - 1973

Many hours of employee provided training classes. Engineering, CNC Programming, Advanced APT Programming, UniGraphics (NX), CADD, Loft Surfacing, Matrices, etc.



Workstation specs: Apple Mac Pro UNIX Workstation Dual Xeon X5690 @ 3.46 GHz, 12 cores, 24 threads 64GB RAM (4) Samsung SM951 512GB PCIe SSD's (Win 10 & macOS) (2) EVGA GTX 1080 TI FTW3 11 GB GPUs 7,168 CUDA Cores Dual Power Supply: 980 watt for System & 450 watt for GPUs 27" Apple LED Cinema Display 2560 x 1440 3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro (Spaceball) Native boot to any Windows - macOS - Linux - UNIX You can have my Spaceball when you pry it from my cold dead fingers. ~ Dave =)
Honors and awards: Far to numerous to list in this small space..... =)
Interests: Mechanics, CADD, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Programming, Workstations, Rendering, Photography and more....

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