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I've done about everything- from writing technical manuals for Sikorski, to designing and building small jet engines, to driving big rigs. I even tried selling real estate for a while. Over the last decade I've been installing and managing power plants all over the world (I met my beautiful wife in Tanzania 6 years ago). But my real passion has always been engineering and design. I love inventing things, and now that I've figured out a few things with Solidworks, I'm able to invent all sorts of gadgets. I love it! BTW, I am looking for a design job. If you think I might be a fit for you needs, please contact me. I'd be willing to do contract work or possibly take a permanent position. Any requests? If you have a problem and are looking for a solution, let me know and I'll give it a shot. Thanks for looking!


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: Dell Frankenstien I built myself with an Intel quad core 2.8 ghz processor running Windows 7 Pro.
Honors and awards:

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