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Cedesign _studio is a multifunctional design and engineering studio. Design and finite element analysis Cedesign uses high-end simulation software to perform Finite Element Analysis. This software allows to import every CAD geometry on which we can perform the simulation. Our expertise guarantees you the simulation is optimized with exact load conditions and constraints. Every simulation demand is executed and results are interpreted and documented, with our advice you will be sure to take the right design decisions. Cost reduction and quality improvement Simulating your products and processes with Finite Element Analysis has a number of important advantages which on the one hand let you control the quality and durability of your design and on the other hand results in a considerable cost reduction thanks to a more efficient use of materials, a decrease in the number of prototypes and especially in the reduction of the time-to-market. Expertise and training We have extensive experience in following domains: Static linear finite element calculations Dynamic modes and frequencies Fatigue and durability analysis Stability analysis (pre- and post buckling) Motion simulations Flow and thermal analysis (CFD) Couples CFD/CAE simulations Advanced design We offer our different services to industrial users: Automotive Tool makers Design studio's Production facilities Machine manufacturing Plastic industry Carbon & composites industry Engineering .... and many more Feel free to contact us!


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