Jahid Hasan Akash

Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Kabir Costa

Curitiba, Brazil
My dream is to create open-source projects, full-time
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Winston Jennings

It's not a problem, it's a challenge!!!
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Furqan aslam

Delhi, India feel in standard.
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Oleksandr Babenko

United States
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sakarya/adapazarı, Turkey
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ali alaa

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Chris Davis

Ventura, Ca., United States
In order to find the fault within the design, one must first learn to design within the limits of his faults.
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Pete Saffran

Windsor, Canada
Onshape CAD's newest Professional subscriber
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Maciej Figeland

Gdańsk, Poland
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Wolfgang Walden

Regensburg, Germany
I really enjoy teaching and learning, I´m happy to do this for a living.
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Taras S

Слава Україні!
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