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Passionate about how things work, and build things since I remember, I was always curious, and this pushed me to find answers. First in school, where I put bases of mechanical and electrical part of things physics, and after by myself, widening my field of knowledge from learning by myself foreign languages (like English and Italian), to alternative energy systems. Technology and his evolution is my main hobby, that guide my path on live. Good memory, multitasking capacity and good analytical skills help a lot. I understood fast that computers are a great help, so in '92 I got in touch with my first PC and in '96 with my first CAD software. After experimenting with a lots of software, I choose Autodesk Inventor as the one that fits best to my need, and with the rise of the 3D printing era, I can finally put my imagination to reality. Let the journey begin!


work experience

Senior Maintenance Technician September 2008 - June 2017

Mechanical maintenance special services. Based on client’s requests for onsite machining, valves revision for petrochemical plants, or leaking sealing, we start with choosing the right machine or equipment, and when the standards one didn’t fit, we design new ones. That involved almost all the time preparation of the necessary equipment in the workshop with the use of the traditional machine tools (lathe, milling machine). The duty continued with the onsite operating of what we prepared on the workshop, and finished with quality control of the work (involving LASER controls, surface roughness check, alignment of different parts).



Telecommunication and electronics High School 1991 - 1995



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