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▪ Patent Application "System for forming bales of straw and hay round 'A-01116 / 15.11.2010 ▪ Patent Application "Planting material protection element" A-01441 / 22.12.2011; ▪ Patent Application "The die roll-pulling energy willow" A-00977 / 10/12/2012 ▪ We participated in teaching training courses entitled "Specialist in computer-aided design" to Săvineşti - Piatra Neamt (Comes SA) and Iasi (Agmus SA) within POSDRU /81/3.2/S/58103 - PROFMEC. ▪ "Structural analysis and materials focused on mechanical, mechatronics, maintenance and operation of machinery for agriculture and food industry" book published in the POSDRU / 81 / 3.2 / S / 58103 (PROFMEC), ed. Terra Nostra, Iasi 2012, Theme 10;


work experience

INMA Assistant Scientific researcher - Scientific Researcher September 2009 - April 2013

▪ Research and design of equipment and machinery used in agriculture and food industry; ▪ Design 3D with SolidWorks and Inventor software; ▪ Prepare design drawings of parts and materials necessary; ▪ Design Autocad 2D; ▪ Study documentary constructive solutions; ▪ Technical assistance for implementation of projects completed; ▪ Writing of articles in scientific journals; ▪ During this period I have been assigned a tutor where I learned how to research and design research and design assistant fiid equipment and machinery used in the food industry and agriculture. As I had passed responsibility drawings received 3D SolidWorks and Inventor drawing 2D drawings, I learned to 2D Autocad. I participated in the experiments made in the laboratory tests, the writing patents and articles in scientific journals.

Powertek S.r.l. R&D Engineer April 2013 - June 2014

▪ designing and developing concrete product plants; ▪ designing and developing recycling installations; ▪ design belt conveyors, chains conveyors, etc.; ▪ drawing up the lists of materials; ▪ technical studies; ▪ technical offers.

Bimovag S.r.l Technical Manager June 2014 -

▪ Planning the production in manufacturing sectors depending on production plan established to ensure the full benefit established of quantitative indicators and quality; ▪ Elaborates and presents the for approval to the the company's policies regarding the production; ▪ Organize and coordinate the introduction in manufacturing new products and are responsible for ensuring the parameters set out in the documentation; ▪ coordinate and ensure the consecuation the process aiming at achieving production according to plan sales required; ▪ Approve technological instructions for each stage of production, both in implementation and to their modification, and make the appropriate adaptation to changes in technology and the specific material used; ▪ I coordinate the identification, introduction and maintenance of control of processes included in the quality.



Faculty of Biotechnical Systems Engineering – Politehnica University Diploma engineer , Biotechnological and Ecological Systems Engineering 2009 - 2011

▪ Biomaterials and Biocompatible Materials; Biochemistry; Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing; Advanced Mathematics ▪ Mechanics; Biophysics; Materials Strenght; Materials Technology and Processing; Mechanisms and Biomechanical Systems; Technical Acoustics; ▪ Biotechnical Systems’ Mechanical Components; Fundamentals of Experimental Research; Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drives; Environmental Protection; Fluids Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery; ▪ Driving Systems for machinery and installations; Transport Systems; Biosystems Theory; Operations and Process Equipment; Environmental Legislation; Installations for Wasters Recycling; Environmental Engineering; Installations for Water and Soil Treatment; Apllied Computing; ▪ Processes Modelling and Simulation; Automatic Control of the Processes; Biotechnical Systems Optimization; Systems Reliability and Environmental Quality; Management and Marketing.

Faculty of Biotechnical Systems Engineering – Politehnica University Master studies , Research and design of Biotechnical Systems 2009 - 2011

▪ Simulation and Optimization of Biotehnical Systems ▪ Using Dimensional Analysis in Research-Design ▪ Using Finite Element Method in Design and Research ▪ Project Management ▪ Advanced Programs Computer Aided Design ▪ Assisted Testing of Biotehnical Systems ▪ Quality management in Research and Design ▪ Master Thesis



Workstation specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-4440 - 3,10 GHz VGA: nVIDIA Quadro K600, 1GB RAM SSD: 250 GB Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz
Honors and awards:

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