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I started out studying commercial art at college and entered industry an illustrator. Later I returned to college to study mechanical engineering having been identified as having a talent for design. More recently I have been able to combine my artistic interests with mechanical engineering by taking on an industrial design role developing aircraft cockpits. I am passionate about design and innovation and believe strongly that in order for good design to see the light of day it has to be recognized. To be recognized it has to be presented compellingly.


work experience

Smiths Aerospace/GE Aviation Illustrator - Hardware Design Engineer - Hardware Systems Architect July 1967 - May 2007

Illustrator 1967-1978. Engineering design 1978-2007. Design consultancy 2007-present. Various engineering design & development roles including management (not my thing!) Considered expert in avionic installations & environment, CAD and Rapid Prototyping. Experienced in thermal management and computer graphics (rendering).



Gloucestershire College of Art & Technology Commercial Art, Mechanical Engineering (Design), Computer Science 1964 - 1982

Started out with an ambition to be an artist, transitioned to commercial art when I realized artists are generally very poor. Returned to education to become a designer (mechanical) then became absorbed by computers and their application to design and graphics so I embarked on a computer degree course. Never did finish the degree course as work and family commitments demanded too much time.



Workstation specs: HP Z840, W7 Professional, 64 bit, running SpaceClaim and KeyShot.
Honors and awards:
Interests: Radio controlled helicopters, Dancing (Lindy, Salsa, Tango), Cooking, making stuff, MCAD & Rendering

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