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Greg Hurley

packaging designer, artist, musician. I enjoy creating, songwriting and recording. design by by life.


10 years in lawn and garden product design, 10 years in Automotive tier one supplier interior design, 10 years self employed, 11 years with Amcor Rigid Plastics, Sr industrial design / packaging.


work experience

Micigan Seat Company Designer January 1977 - January 1987

Designer / In the 70's Michigan Seat was the largest seat manufacturing for lawn and garden seats They produced for all the big names such as John Deere, Simplicity, WheelHorse , Murray, DitchWitch, Clarks, MTD, Yardman on and on. At the time I model the seats in hard clay.

Manchester Plastics / Collins and Aikman Designer January 1987 - January 1997

Tier one supplier to the big three, Interior design and urethane foam in place parts such as door panels, Instrument panels, head rests, center consoles, etc. worked in the design group wearing many hats from prototyping parts to following projects and some black box design.

Hurley Design Owner January 1997 - January 2007

Had to try it on my own, 10 year experience. Made many contacts within automotive and new ones outside of automotive, Provided conceptual designs to clients, renders. Also worked with video and audio production for some clients. Great learning experience .

Amcor Rigid Plastics Sr. Industrial designer January 2007 - June 2017

Packaging. Probably best job I've ever had. We get to work with all the big companies and smaller ones too. Our design group works directly with clients to provide direction in design. Within our R&D center we also have engineering and FEA teams to support our projects so we are very well equipped to handle any rigid packaging project.



Jackson Community Collage



Workstation specs: 22" Wacom tablet, MacPro
Honors and awards: • 2014 - Pentawards Bronze award for " Hard to Port" concept beverages. Worldwide Packaging Design Competition. • 2013 - 1st place winner / international design challenge. "ModVic Steampunk Wheelchair" is a world wide community of designers, engineers and problem solvers. • 1997 - Presidents award for innovation, outstanding contribution to new technology from Collins & Aikman Automotive Plastics Co. • Jun. 1995 - Certificate of Recognition for exclusive works showcased in the 1995 series of Illustration Index II by Page One Publishing Ptd Ltd. Singapore. Distributed worldwide. • Sept. 30 1997 - United States Patent, Patent Number 5, 671.686 “Automotive Console Writing Table” • August 10, 2010 United States Patent, Patent Number D621273 "Design of Dial hand soap bottle"
Interests: I write and record music. kinda of a 60"s 70"s vibe I guess. ( Music )

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