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My name is Harrison. I currently reside in the air capital of the world. Wichita Kansas My key areas of expertise is sheetmetal forming tool design and manufacturing and inspection. I have 17 yrs experience with Catia, Mastercam, Power Inspect, and PC-DMIS Software. I have limited but comfortable experience utilitzing other CAD/CAM Softwares. I first leaned how to digitize mylar engineering from legacy engineering documents, and covert this data into popular cad software model. Progressed to learning how to design with Catia through putting together the 2D views into a 3D model. As well as learning how to read and interpret engineering drawings and paying close attention to specified engineering tolerances, and other various GD&T standards. I can produce professional engineering drawings to meet current GD&T standards as well. Then I learned how to associate machine commands to this geometry using CAM softwares, Mastercam and Catia. Which then led me to learn how to use portable CMM and also how to program NC controlled CMM systems. I have no problem using 5 axis heads. My machining experience ranges from 3 axis to 5 axis. Through experience translating the code produced by the CAM systems, I have also experience developing post processors for Mastercam and Catia. Including experience using 3rd party post processing software such as ICAM and IMS. Through sheetmetal forming experience I can supply developed flat patterns for formed parts with the assistance of modern standard metrics software such as Bendall for compensating for proper set back and mold lines. I have experience developing weld jigs, assembly jigs, holding fixtures, draw dies, hydro blocks, stretch form blocks, masking templates, drill fixtures, chem mill templates, break dies, vise jaws, hammer dies, composite layup fixtures. I offer 3d wood carving wood services. Other non-metallic materials can be used. I also have experience through my education learning software, and hardware engineering. So i have had some experience with design PCB circuits using CATIA and B2SPICE. Through my software engineering lessons I have also learned how to supply the software world with the write code to display 3D models designed in Catia, or Maya, or 3DSMax. With proper format can use most any other CAD system. I also have experience putting together simulations of prototypes using modern rendering techniques. I have also learned how to implement user interactivity with these environments as well. If you have any inquiries, questions, project ideas, or job offer please do not hesitate to contact me.


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