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Harvey Fonseca

CYCLE: Born=EXPOSED, Married=Proposed, Dead=Disposed, RAISED=EXPOSED.


Did you hear about a program called Navis Works. I transfer my Autocad works into Navis Works. From here you can change the colors, materials etc. Then you can make walk thru movies, walk any where in the model and Click Photos. One example of a walk anywhere model is <>. Download the link "Freedom" <> given therein. Make sure that your computer has a 3D-graphic card and 2 GB ram (Minimum). Ask me if any doubt. Enjoy the walk anywhere model of a cement plant. One more thing I'd like to add. The entire Cement Plant is given in Autocad from model 1 to 19. If your computer has got sufficient ram then you can club all of them into one. I've specified the axis X & Y. In the Navis works presentation, you can see the entire cement plant. I prefer Autocad. I also use Navis works & it can be used for any 3D softwares, example Solid works, Solid edge etc where different department 3D drawings can be brought into one single file. As per my knowledge it is not possible with other software's, for the whole plant, you have to club them in Navis works. Special thanks to Mr Amit Borela (MD) M/s Paras Cad for the help of Navis Works Presentations. To me, Autocad is just like a cup of tea or coffee and Navis works is like adding sugar, stir it and enjoy.


work experience

Larsen & Toubro Limited Draughtsman December 1983 - April 2017

Worked at Laesen & Toubro (L&T)'s Switchgear R&D (1980), Cement Machinery Division (Up to 2009) & Presently working in Chemical Division, L&T.



St. Elias High School - Khar, Mumbai-400 052 - India Fr Agnel Higher Secondary School - Bandra, Mumbai-400 050 - India , Draughtsman (Mechanical) 1978 - 1980

I did my further training and later worked & still working in M/s Larsen & Toubro, Powai Campus, Mumbai - 72. India



Workstation specs: Auto Cad, Solid Edge & Navis Works
Honors and awards: I have survived from childhood polio (right leg). Then, I suffered 2 Paralytic strokes with Coma & Double Vision one in 1994 and the other in 2002. I had got a Brain tumor (3 cms in size) right in the middle of my brain. Fractured my right wrist in 2004. Started using my left hand. I realised my body is like a computer (Temple of God) and requires an anti-virus to function. That's why, nowadays, I go to church daily to receive the blood of Jesus (Anti-virus) at holy mass (Invented by the Almighty some 2000 years ago). It worked. Thats the honor & award given to me by the Almighty GOD. Read from Holy Bible Luke 16:19-31 On 9 th April, 2013, I was again admitted to the hospital for the 3rd time on account of my previous illness. But this time, only my vision got affected. The anti-virus helped. Deeper the suffering higher is the relationship with God, provided it is cemented by faith.
Interests: In preparing 3-Dimentional models in Autocad & later transferring the models to Navis Works for better presentation.

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