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I am an entrepreneur and an Industrial Designer. I have been working in the design, drafting, and engineering fields for over 10 years. Starting as an Mechanical Engineering student, I switched to Industrial Design once I realized that design was my passion. I am the co-founder and CTO of Machina Design Solutions. At Machina, we design for ourselves and the world, seeking contract work as well as bringing our own products to life. We are currently looking for more contract work to expand our portfolio and industry experience. If you are interested in having us help you with your project, please send me a message and we can discuss what you need and how we can help. Currently I work in SolidWorks and Blender mostly, but I also use Adobe products, especially at the end of my process. I have experience with AutoCAD 2D/3D, SketchUp, Inventor 2D/3D, Solidworks 2D/3D, DraftSight, Rhino, OneSpace, Medusa, TurboCAD, and am familiar with many other CAD systems. To see my portfolio work, please visit here: Machina: We are also on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+


work experience

Machina CTO & Founder January 2014 -

Creates CAD designs; renderings; PR and social media; website, blog, and IT; manufacturing and materials; and operation of MachinaTek, LLC. Creating elegant designs, always with the idea of environmental responsibility in mind. Using design, engineering, and IT skills to improve in all areas, and supply the best solution and results possible. Management and implementation of client acquisition, work, and care.



Art Institute of Portland Industrial Design, Design, Sustainability, Consumer Goods 2012 - 2015



Workstation specs: At Work: Custom Box i7 3.4GHz 16GB Ram Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Windows 7 Ultimate DX11 Razer Naga Gaming Mouse Wacom Bamboo Tablet Goldtouch Keyboard On the Go: Coming Soon
Honors and awards:
Interests: Industrial/product design, user interface, 3D modeling, model building, learning, creating new product ideas. I also enjoy playing the violin and soccer.

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