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To work primarily in Mechanical engineering and the field of practice of material handling in product development, design and sustaining, moderate impact product cost, performance, and manufacturing methods/standardization. Planning and conducting research, design and development of standard engineering assignments utilizing my product engineering experience and abilities in designing, problem solving, and teamwork. Performing components test for (FEA) Finite Element Analysis, 3-D modeling and drawings creation using the SolidWorks software, also providing correlations with updates and design flaw cost avoidance.


work experience

Project Design Engineer November 2012 -

I have designed and modified more than 25 conveyor systems to suite a variety of client-specified needs. Their functional forms included pan conveyors, troughed conveyors, chute conveyors, wheel conveyors, pipe conveyors, and roller conveyors. The systems in questions ranged in terms of length from 10 feet to 150 feet, in terms of belt width from 36 inches to 96 inches, and in terms of height from 2 feet to multi-storey applications. I have also designed conveyor-related equipment that was intended to aid in conveyor operation, improve productivity, address potential maintenance concerns, and deliver addition value to our clients’ operations. This equipment included custom belt winders, belt cleaners, let-off stands, and belt scanning equipment. The design process involved the composition of technical drawings pertaining to parts, assembly, sub-assembly, fabrication, and general arrangement through the use of SolidWorks CAD modeling software. Additional design skills were employed in the creation of client-facing documents and presentations and primarily relied on the use of the MS Office suite of applications including Word (PDF), Excel, and PowerPoint.



Automobile and Road College (Lviv, Ukraine ) College Diploma, Maintenance and repair of materials handling, construction machinery a 1992 - 1996

Lviv Polytechnic National University (Lviv, Ukraine) Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree , Specialist Motor Vehicles and Automotive Engineering 1997 - 2000

Lviv Polytechnic National University (Lviv, Ukraine) Master’s Degree, Engineer-Researcher from Vehicles 2000 - 2002



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