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Jake Duane

P.E. Mechanical Designer with over 16 years CAD design experience


The bulk of my career was spent at DMG MORI (formerly Mori Seiki) as a machine tool designer. I worked on multiple machines models and almost every mechanical aspect on a CNC machine. What I feel as my greatest accomplishment at DMG MORI is the development of the DDRT rotary table. This unit is a full-fourth axis which is typically added to a vertical machine center. I was the sole designer for this unit bringing it from prototype through production. I performed all testing, including creating new test methods, to get this unit approved for full production. A patent was awarded for this unit in 2011. Later in my career at DMG MORI I moved into a management position in the production side of the company. I was in charge of the production technology (aka factory engineering) section and also the assembly section. I was responsible to oversee and approve all engineering work performed at the manufacturing facility. I was also responsible to oversee all assembly of the machines built at the factory. This included managing the assembly of 6 different machine models spanning 4 lines (horizontal, vertical, 5-axis and lathe). At Caltrans I was involved in research and development creating new products as well as testing special procedures. I created multiple technical documents to propose, analyze and verify various testing and development projects. At home I spent a lot of time making various improvements including adding electrical devices/appliances, repairing plumbing and building structures. I also have come to love the world of woodworking. I enjoy building anything we need around the house. I have made multiple cabinets, tables, shelves, furniture, and some wood turnings (pens and bottle stoppers mainly). I have gained a knack for making very durable items with exotic and domestic woods that give a rich look to a room.


work experience

Caltrans Research and Development Engineer June 2001 - June 2004

• Design, analysis, and manufacture of mechanical and electro-mechanical systems • Research analysis and testing for development of design standards • Design and fabrication of test fixtures and prototype devices • Use of 3D CAD to develop, design, and present new products • Selection and use of hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, and electrical systems • Write and review technical proposals and reports • Decision making and purchasing of materials/parts for in-house research • Contract management of projects

DMG MORI Mechanical Designer June 2004 - April 2014

- Design, model, and draft parts and assemblies using 3-D CAD software related to machine tools - Specify bill of materials for machines, order parts as necessary for prototype machines - Attend and participate in regular design reviews with team members and management staff to ensure a high-quality design - Complete high quality 2D dimensioned drawings for designed parts and releases them for manufacturing in a timely manner - Reduce component cost through design - Interface with vendors and suppliers and ensure part delivery schedule will be met - Perform product development activities, including concept and production development - Design with an emphasis on safety, cost performance, reliability, and ease of assembly and maintenance - Operation and maintenance of machine tools and robotic systems - Manage bill of materials for designed products and order parts as necessary - Select and implement on-market products for use in machine tool systems

DMG MORI Production Technology Manager April 2014 - April 2017

• Develop processes for new product and parts • Prepare all necessary tools, fixtures, and equipment on time • Ensure the quality and delivery of the product and machined parts • Improve production productivity • Provide work leadership and training to team members as front line supervisor emphasizing standard and best practices • Establish and communicate clear expectations for team members regarding expected productivity results • Lead corrective and preventive action plan development and implementation • Manage team member’s working time and reporting requirements and hold performance reviews • Use engineering knowledge, to design machine components, fixtures and tooling related to machine tools • Perform product development activities, including concept and production development • Communicate with relevant parties (assembly, purchasing, machining, etc.) to facilitate schedule and delivery • Manage bill of materials for designed products and order parts as necessary • Select and implement on-market products for use in machine tool systems



University of California, Davis Masters Degree, Mechanical Engineering 1995 - 2002



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