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My objective is to start a career in the manufacturing, maintenance, inspection, and design of aircraft and mechanical components. By collaborating and communicating with coworkers, adapting to adversity by taking the initiative to understand all underlying skills, and responsibilities, I Can complete any task, design and create any part, install, inspect grade, and classify workmanship, safety and ensure that the job is done right. Let me know if you need a good technician.


work experience

April 2003 - August 2003

At Dimension 4 Inc. I was responsible for the conversion of physical documents, to a digital format using InteliCad and Autodesk drafting software. Military contracts Included documentation conversions of The M1126 Stryker ICV and AH-64 Apache. During my time with Dimension 4, I forged strong drafting skills and software fluency.

Self Employed Handy Man August 2003 - March 2012

I worked as a handy man in my younger years building walkways, maintaining landscapes and chopping wood. I used hand tools such as rakes, shovels, axes, and power tools like lawnmowers and weed eaters. I put together forms for the concrete, made with wood and metal spikes, erected scaffolding for paint projects, and assembled regulators for the operation of pressure washers.

Peninsula Top Soil Maintenance Mechanic March 2012 - October 2015

My job obligations at Peninsula Top Soil included, fleet vehicle maintenance, heavy- equipment maintenance and operation. While working at Peninsula, I developed industrial repair and operation skills needed to preform my duties. I employed the use of Fork lifts, chains, straps, shackles, and come along winches to pick dump truck boxes, generators, quick couplers and other heavy equipment. I used mechanical and digital tools such as pneumatic impact wrenches, basic hand tools, multi meters, calipers and filled out inspection and repair forms for documentation. I had to assemble break shoes for the dump trucks and trailers, disassemble track pads using a torch, then installing and reassembling replacement tracks on new cleats, associated with heavy equipment such as a feller buncher. I serviced heavy equipment using aw 40 hydraulic oil, 15w 40 diesel oil, 75w90 gear oil and many other lubricants. Mixing paint solutions and coating hydraulic tanks was also one of my assignments. I used the drip test to make sure the coating viscosity was correct, prepped and applied numerous coats to finish the job.

Cedarland Forestry Resources LLC. Super Intendant December 2015 - April 2017

During my time with CFR LLC, I was in charge of building maintenance and engineering construction. I used all manner of power tools, Engineering Techniques, and experience to build drainage systems, irrigation systems, and completed interior housing detail in preparation for inspection. I had to seal vents, ducting and plumbing. The Tools I used were, Tape Measures, levels, rotary hammers, reciprocating saws , skill saws, pressure washers, drum sanders, drills, and heavy equipment such as forklifts. Packing and unpacking delivered, or extra fasteners, braces, ties, and left over interior products was also a responsibility of mine, ensuring everything was well organized. Painting and staining decks was another one of my job requirements. I used a moisture detector to check the content of the wood, masked and applied several coats.

Self Employed Student Handy Man April 2017 - October 2017

During my pursuit of an education I could not secure employment to coincide with my college courses, so I worked locally as a handy man and helped my community by painting rooms, installing trim, chopping wood, and landscaping. I used hand tools like rakes, shovels, wheel barrows, paint rollers, brushes, saws, drills, hammers, levels, and axes.

Beck Engineering Inc. Entry Level Machinist September 2017 - October 2017

At beck Engineering I worked on Making parts such as sims and seal rings. I inspected and checked the tolerance of the finished parts. This was part of my college co-op. I programed, set up Cnc mills, used finish tools, power tools, and measuring tools to complete my jobs. I assembled chemistry stations out of angle iron sheet metal and ducting to facilitate venting of dangerous chemicals, constructed jigs for work holding out of wood and plastic, and tool holders as well.



West sound Tech Civil Engineering Cert, 2D/3D Design 2000 - 2003

While attending High School I also attended West Sound Tech. At west sound I learned how to use AutoCAD, Rhino, and 3d Studio Max. I also earned a short Cert in Civil Engineering. Thanks Mr Sharp for your instruction.

Discovery High School HS Diploma / Tech Studies, 2D/3D Design 2000 - 2003

Attended High School and earned my Diploma. While working towards my HS diploma I also took 2D/3D design classes at the local tech school.

Olympic College Machinist Cert, Design and manufacturing 2016 - 2018

Machinist Cert from Olympic College. I've learned how to bring my deigns to life through the manufacturing process. I can operate, program and adapt to new tech. Thanks Mr. Beck PHD, and Brenden at Beck engineering for all your help and patience in my education. I believe I'm far ahead of my Cert thanks to you guys. Cheers!



Workstation specs: Manuel Mills: Sharp, Bridgeport, Jet Manuel Lathe : Hardinge , Jet Cnc Mill: Haas MC Cnc Lathe: Haas TL1 AutoCAD: 2001-2003 2yrs, 2005 4mo, 2018 updated Rhino: 2001-2003 2yrs Fusion360: 1mo ViaCad: 1yr ArtCam: 4mo
Honors and awards:
Interests: Martial arts Rc Helicopters Aerospace studies Intellectual pursuits,Love to learn. 3.6.9 , 124875.

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