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Jeison Eccel

Product Development Specialist


In 10 years working in mechanical projects, I have become a specialist in product development through drafting and designing with SolidWorks. I helped two companies to develop and patented their products from scratch, in addition to building their assembling lines. I built and managed their project libraries, processes' standards, quality procedures, and supply chain. By using my knowledge of Production Engineer, I helped many companies to organize and improve their processes and products, reducing costs, and raising productivity. YouTube Channel: Facebook Page: Linkedin: Portfolio Presentation:


work experience

Boxcar (Brazil) Mechanical Designer April 2008 - January 2010

Designed and patented two models of trailers from scratch, studying and learning from benchmarking. Built and managed the project libraries, processes' standards, quality procedures, and supply chain. Planned, designed, and implemented all production's devices, jigs for welding and assembly, in addition to machine acquisitions.

Kozetek (Brazil) Mechanical Designer January 2010 - March 2014

Successfully patented an innovative modular project to move materials at the automotive lines, allowing stamped parts to be loaded and unloaded by robots. Built and managed the project libraries, processes' standards, quality procedures, and supply chain. Planned and designed all production's devices, jigs for welding and assembly, using SolidWorks.

Multicase Systems Parana (Brazil) Engineer Manager September 2014 - July 2015

Reduced the average time of manufacturing welding's jigs from 5 days to 1 day by developing a new standard using SolidWorks. Responsible for over 50 simultaneously projects by managing the teams of designers, prototype makers, and quality inspectors. Successfully recovered Renault/Nissan as customers by being approved in their audit, developing procedures, work instructions, and strategic plans. Reduced the average time of planning budgets from 4 hours to less than 30 minutes by elaborating an interactive budget sheet on Excel, using complex formulas and macro.

Wintime (Brazil) Self-employed Engineering Consultant August 2015 - August 2016

Helped companies with their marketing by printing their products in small scales. Saved up to 20% of ink on an industrial printing by developing a device to collect residuals ink between processes. Designed and printed apparel accessories using SolidWorks and 3D printing (FDM).

Custom Prototypes (Canada) Model Maker October 2016 - April 2017

Created several designs for new products/parts/assemblies by using SolidWorks. Added 3D scanning services for the company by being the first employee to know how to use 3D scanners. Helped to clean and finishing many 3D printed (SLA) parts



SENAI (Brazil) Apprenticeship, General Mechanics - Machining 2004 - 2005

A practical course of machining using milling machines, mechanical lathes, grinding machines, welding, adjustment, and assembling. Drawing, reading and understanding technical drawings. Technical drawing and GD&T.

SENAI (Brazil) Technician, Mechanical Projects 2006 - 2007

Projects of tools, molds, and products. SolidWorks applications. Mechanical manufacturing processes (lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, bench assembly, welding). Technical drawings and GD&T.

University of State of Santa Catarina (Brazil) Bachelor's Degree, Production and Systems Engineering 2009 - 2014

Projecting, operating, controlling, and management of productions systems of goods and services. Analysis, Calculus, and applications of financial resources in industrial processes. Planning, scheduling and controlling production, supervising the operations and equipment in order to improve manufacturing processes. Techniques for new products development and layout analysis. Lean Manufacturing methodology.

Centennial College (Canada) Post-Graduate Certificate, Project Management 2016 - 2017

Full-time program based on PMBOK standards. Projects divided into 5 phases (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing). Study of the 10 knowledge areas. Business knowledge involved in projects development. Culture and Business Communication.



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Interests: Product Development, Consumer Goods, Mechanical Projects, Manufacturing Processes, Sustainability.

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