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My business offer to you: Here you can see what kind of creative and engineering problems I can solve. I will showcase all my skills through visual examples of my creative practice. I will also describe my strengths in the field of engineering design. I wish you pleasant viewing. You will find my essence as a designer and constructor. Situation: You have to solve a technical problem, which is often associated with a pure design problem. My offer- hire me to solve this engineering problem. Responsibilities: I immediately start a detail study of the existing situation. Explore all efforts, made by you to solve the particular technical problem. I note in which direction is best to continue the study. I begin a detailed study of how they solved a similar problems. I generate a plan for solving this particular task. Ususaly I start with virtual experiments to reach a workable solution. Then we proceed to the construction of a prototype. The next step is to make final minor changes if it necessary. Then start a real production. Here is an example: My prime contractor tasked me to create advanced dispenser for washing powder. Requirements were- do not hold the material at work, it can easily be disassembledand, and to be lighter than the existing. So I began to perform my assignment in the above described model. This is the solution I achieved in.


work experience

Dianel ltd Engineer- Designer January 2006 - August 2008

In this company I worked as an engineer - designer. I've designed many types of dispensers . All are distinguished by elegant design and maintainability . All dispensers have a specific line of very stylish shape of the hull and the dashboard.

Union Keh Engineer- Designer September 2008 - April 2013

I've worked as a designer of machinery for the food industry . I've designed Packing mashnini for different types of foods. During my work I had to invent new kinds of machines for different types of foods. I invented sophisticated mechanisms for precise dosing stuffed and packaging of different types of products. I have studied in detail all the modern ideas for packaging and food production. I have a lot of experience and I am able to design any type of machines with complex mechanics.



THE UNIVERSITY OF RUSE A.Kanchev Master's degree, Department of Engineering Design 1998 - 2003

I have a Higher education, Master's degree acquired at University of Rousse "A. Kanchev "2003 I am currently a PhD student at R.U. A.Kanchev Department of Engineering Design. I currently work as a Designer of packaging machines and Engineer of it`s production.



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