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I am currently attending college for Aerospace engineering [focusing on Astronautical engineering (space craft design)]. I have taken college level design courses along with high school CAD courses. During my senior year of high school I was allowed to skip CAD 3 and move to the highest level CAD course offered. I can draw pretty much anything (2D and 3D).


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


Elgin Community College Associates of Science in Entrepreneurship, Aerospace Engineering 2010 - 2015

Currently finishing up my math and science gen-eds at my local community college them I will be transferring to a four year college. (The associates came from my original choice of major but I changed my major recently)



Workstation specs: Custom Built Desktop; Intel Core i7 @3.60 GHz 16GB RAM Nvidia GTX 660ti 64GB SSD w/ 64-bit Windows 7 (boot drive) 600GB WD Velociraptor (10,000 RPM) 32" LCD TV as main monitor 19" LCD computer monitor as secondary
Honors and awards: -Skipped CAD 3 in High School and was moved to Advance Studies -Was asked to tutor students who were falling behind in CAD courses -112% A in college level Engineering design course

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