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***Notice***, I no longer have access to SOLIDWORKS and am now using AutoCAD 2016 as of 06/01/2017.


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


Northern regional College (Newtownabbey) Btec Level 3 Extended Diploma in mechanical and electrical engineering, mechanical & electrical engineering 2008 - 2011

When I was sure that I wanted to purse a career in engineering I thought the best route would be to go to NRC and do a course specific to my goals rather than to stay on and do my A-levels. I learnt a lot at my time there including knowledge of Auto CAD, below is a list of all of the units I did at my time in the course. Health and safety in the engineering workplace, Communications for engineering technicians, Mechanical principles and applications, Selecting and using Programmable logic controllers, Welding principles, Engineering Project, Electrical installation, Mathematics of engineering technicians, Electrical and electronic principles, Properties and applications of engineering materials, Electro, pneumatic and hydraulic systems and devices, Engineering drawing for technicians, Computer Aided Drafting in engineering, Engineering design, Fabrication processes and technology, Further mathematics for engineering technicians, Principals and applications of electronic devices and circuits,

Northern regional college (Ballymena) Level 5 HND (Higher National Diploma) in manufacturing engineering, Mechanical Engineering 2011 - 2014

I am currently studying for my HND in manufacturing engineering where I am constantly improving my skills as an engineer and preparing myself for a job in engineering design. The course only goes so far in teaching the use of solid works and I find that there is a lot of features solid works offers that were overlooked. However I have found the time to teach myself the more advanced features of solid works with the use of tutorials I found online. Below are a list of units I have taken throughout my course. Robotics, Advanced CAD, CAM (Computer aided machining), CAD/CAM, Mechanical & Electrical principals, Health & Safety in the workplace, SPCs (Statistical process control), Analytical methods for engineers, Business management techniques, PLCs (Programmable logic controllers), Business improvement techniques, Engineering project, APH (Application of pneumatics and hydraulics), Mechatronics, Planning and scheduling, Quality assurance, Application of machine tools, Energy management.



Workstation specs: Model:- DELL Alienware M11xR3 laptop Operating system:- Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit SP1 CPU:- Intel Core i5 2467M @ 1.60GHz RAM:- 16.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 664MHz Motherboard:- Alienware M11xR3 (CPU1) Graphics:- 1024MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M Storage:- 250GB
Honors and awards: STEM BEST award (engineering award 19+) for PC desk design and build.
Interests: CAD I am extremely passionate about CAD and have used it since my Level 3 at home for personal projects. I am currently redesigning my HND project to take into account some valuable pieces of advice I was given by the judges at the BEST Awards. I have just finished redesigning the sheet metal structural skeleton of the PC and intend on revising the prototype design of the screen lift sometime soon when I have some more spare time. Software pakages i have used include Auto CAD 2014, Solid Works 2015, Solid Edge ST7 and Google sketchup. Blender Modeling Blender is an Open Source computer animation software which allows me to create rig and animate anything. Although I have not been able to do anything but model cars, ships and some basic scenery I am always experimenting with its many features and learning as I go. So far I have modeled a spider, a few ships some cars and a section of a city. I have also textured the spider giving it lifelike hairs and color using tutorials I found on the Internet. Computer Games I have always had an interest in computer games where things like planning and creativity are at their core. Games like Space Engineers where you can design and build complex mechanisms for space stations and space ships using various types of blocks. I also have an interest in complex real time strategy games like supreme commander where you can have lots of bases and thousands of units across an 80km*80km map where things like teamwork, strategy and tactics mean the difference between victory and defeat. Everything Engineering & Computer related!

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