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Juan Duran


Hi, my name is Juan Duran, CEO of HongKong M2M International, we offer product developing and industrialization from China since 2005. Our customers are companies and inventors looking for a good result with the best price. We offer services from concept to final production and beyond.... we can drive you from idea to business or just engage to your project for some engineering need. I am natural from Barcelona (Spain), 39 years old second generation with 20 years experience in the industrialization field, mainly in means of production. I believe in open source and collaborative projects, we offer some free consultancy to persons with projects for accessibility, assistive and medical or any project that is intended for the improvement of the lives of persons with special mobility conditions. Today we're young, tomorrow we'll need assistive technology so let's make today some effort to join together in a big group of engineers and inventors that will result in a better life for tomorrow. Juan. J. Duran


work experience

Dimol S.L. Project Leader January 2002 - September 2005

Industrialization processes, chief of the engineering and production department.



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