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Aerospace engineer since 1984. I am an independent consultant for mechanical and aerospace projects. Feel free to reach me at iRocket2000 "at" for consultation or a new project (sorry no thesis or class projects). Also a linked-in member see more there. Located in Durham, North Carolina - United States.


work experience

With the score of 34013, reaching the 2nd page of Engineers; 20289 of my models have been downloaded, prior to my decision to remove them all. Over 17606 profile views; over 250 high quality renderings for the Fellow GrabCADers. I uploaded 146 original models to GrabCAD. I have paid my dues as an active member between 2 October 2012 and 28 October 2014. Since the new management took over GrabCAD, the quality of the models are improving. Fewer Sponge Bobs or stolen work from other websites. Here is a list of who owns and manages



A few pieces of paper were given to me decades ago. Does anyone care?



Workstation specs: Dell Precision M6400, M6500 and M6700 - still not powerful enough. M6700 video card upgraded to Nvidia Quadro K4000M, and Solid Edge upgraded to ST10 Premium. Two monitors (40" & 43") both 3840x 2160 added in 2017. BNC3D Sigma 2017 3D printer with upgraded nozzle sets added in 2017, it's driven by Lenovo i5 desktop.
Honors and awards: First place in Aircraft design USA (AIAA, Bendix Corp) First place in Engineering Design (Society of Mechanical Engineers. Award for Superb Engineering (US Army) Best child in the world (my Mother) These things are silly - don't you think?
Interests: Support FreeCAD, a parametric free for all CAD package. Download and use it - I hope to see models uploaded in FreeCAD format soon.

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