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Kate van der Merwe

Design and Development Engineer


I have always been an original thinker trying to bypass rigid ideas with a different approach and it requires “flexibility” to achieve positive outcomes, when facilitating design challenges. I don’t judge and have learnt to respect the quantity value of crude ideas. The key is to be able to identify when you are trying to logically solve problems by merely moving forward, instead of utilizing instinct and knowledge acquired through experience and the right software. Solidworks has become an addiction - as expressed by so many Users.


work experience

Mindmatter (Pty) Ltd Solidworks Mechanical Designer March 2014 - June 2017

Ramkat Trailers (Pty) Ltd Design and Development Engineer July 2017 -

Design and Development of 35 and 40 ton Custom Built Trailers All types of CAD work can be undertaken, including, but not exclusively; • Converting sketches and drawings to 3D models, or converting AutoCAD to SolidWorks / freehand orthogonal sketching for concept designs. • Modifying existing 3D models. • Creating assemblies from new and existing models. • Producing drawings for manufacture and accurate BOM's. • Creating 3D part and assembly illustrations for product documentation. • Creating 3D part and assembly photorealistic renders and animations. • Reverse engineering. • Run Finite Element Analysis to help improve parts and assemblies. • Using advance SolidWorks techniques to speed up the design process such as Design Tables. Design plans using computer-aided design and drafting SOLIDWORKS software • Review and analyze specifications, sketches, drawings, ideas, and related data to assess factors affecting component designs and the procedures and instructions to be followed. • Compute mathematical formulas to develop and design detailed specifications for components or machinery, using computer-assisted equipment • Modify and revise designs to correct operating deficiencies or to reduce production problems. • Help design products with engineering and manufacturing techniques • Specify dimensions, materials, and procedures for new components with accurate precision. Coordinate with and consult other team members to design, lay out, or detail components and systems and to resolve design or other problems. • Produce draft designs and diagrams according to the given specifications • Work from rough sketches and specifications created by engineers • Position instructions and comments onto drawings. • Revise drawings and layouts to accommodate changes and enhancements • Accommodate safety procedures and issues in installation and construction drawings • Assist and provide guidance with regard to design related issues on the Factory floor. • Understand client’s project requirements from a design perspective and design and draw according to the customer specification.



Innova3D - Centurion, Pretoria Certification, Solidworks 2016 -

• Certificates in Solidworks Dassault Systems – Innova3D Authorized Reseller  Essentials Basics and User Interface, Intro to Sketching, Basic Part Modeling, Symmetry and Draft, Patterning, Revolving Features, Shelling and Ribs, Editing Repairs, Editing Design Changes, Configurations, Using Drawings, Bottom –up Assemblies. Using Assemblies  Advanced Part Modeling Multibody Design Techniques, Saving Solid Bodies, Sketching with Splines, Introduction to Sweeping, 3D Sketching and Curve Features, Threads and Library Feature Parts, Advanced Sweeping, Introduction to Loft and Boundary Features, Advanced Loft and Boundary Features, Advanced Filleting and Other Features  Advanced Assemblies Advanced Mate Techniques, Top Down Assembly Modeling, Assembly Features, Smart Fasteners and Smart Components, Assembly Editing, Using Configurations with Assemblies, Display States and Appearances, Large Assemblies, Using Solidworks Treehouse, Layout based Assembly Design  ISO Drawings Drawing Sheets and Views, Dimensions, Annotations, Assembly Drawing Views, Sheet Formats and Templates, Bill of Materials and Tables, Performance and Display Issues, Drawing References and Comparison, Preparations for Detailing  MBD (Model Base Definition) – Design for Manufacturing Preparing the Part or Assembly, DimXpert Tools, Setting up Solidworks MBD, Using DimXpert, Adding Size and Location Dimensions, Turned Parts, Annotation Views, Capturing 3D Views, Publishing PDF and eDrawing Files, 3D PDF Template Editor  PDM (Product Data Management) Solidworks PDM Concepts, PDM User Interface, Document Creation and Check In, Versioning Files, File References, Searching, Workflow and Notification, Managing Local Cache, Check Out Files, Working with Bill of Materials

Innova3D - Centurion, Pretoria Certification, Solidworks 2016 -



Workstation specs: Custom built i7, Seven Series with SSD & 16 gig DDR4 AMD Radeon Graphics Card
Honors and awards:

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