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I'm a business experienced, hands-on engineer with well honed current knowledge of digital and analog electronics, RF, software applications and embedded software development. This is coupled with the ability to do detailed mechanical and packaging design in both metals and plastic to bring products together correctly the first time. I have a decent industrial design capability along with the product management needed to make it happen. My current focus is selectively accepting engagements from individuals and companies which need the rapid co-design techniques I've developed to package the right electronics with the right firmware and applications to create unique and marketable products. This typically means aiding them to go from an idea to production. As you might expect, I also have a small experimental lab to work on my own ideas.


work experience

Multiple Communications Companies Engineer to Sr Engineer to Company Scientist to Group Mgr June 1970 - April 1981

Automated Manufacturing and Production systems, Graphical systems and plotters, first of the Smart Terminals, High Speed Modems, Research on Adaptive band width compression and encoding methods, distributed network diagnostic systems, battle hardened pbx switching systems, deployment configration management (and a lot more big words <G>)

My Own Engineering Company President and CTO April 1981 - September 2007

Aided Bendix development of First All Glass cockpit, TCAS aircraft anti collision system, Airbus slats and flaps controller. Aided IBM developing control systems for what became Lexmark. Aided multiple companies developing portable computers, Aided muliple companies developing materials management and manufacturing systems. Developed one of the first PC based optical object recognition systems. Developed an omnidirectional simultaneous multiple barcode reading software engine for scanned images. Developed image recognition to recover financial and production data from badly done microfilm. Developed a ruggedized mobile data collection system integrating blackberry smart phones with barcode scanning and GPS before it was commonly available.

White Bird Engineering CEO/CTO September 2007 - June 2014

White Bird is my personal product development consulting firm. See the bio above. I develop electronic circuits and pc boards with Altium Designer (I'm a Altium beta team tester). I do the majority of my mechanical, product and injection mold design work in Solidworks Premium. I also use SpaceClaim as a function of the scanned model reverse engineering that is necessary from time to time. Some recent projects. Developed a number of VOIP gateways for a communications company. Developed panel deployment and storage system for for a military mobile solar power station. Developed digital audio management unit for muti-band military mobile radios. Developed a number of new advanced game controllers for a leader in this field. Developed a common refrigeration controller for a cooler company. Developed a radically new concept for home and business security devices for an emerging company. That's just the tip of the iceberg.



University of Florida Electrical Engineering, Masters Studies, Digital Control Systems, Integrated Circuit Design, Robotics

Florida Atlantic University MBA Studies, Business Development, Marketing, Innovation



Workstation specs: Have a number of them but the most often used Core I7, 16G Ram, 512 SSD + 2x2TB data store, Mid Level NVidia GPU, Windows 7 64bit. Software: Solidworks, Altium Designer, SpaceClaim..
Honors and awards:
Interests: Pilots License, SEL, Glider, Aerobatics; Snow Skiing; Restoring Old Machines; Designing New Machines; Writing Software in C, C++ and C#, Creative Writing, Sculpting, Drawing and Painting, 3D Modeling, 3D Cad, Inventing neat things, 3d Printing, Old Cameras, Cats and a lot more.

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