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biography Hello, I am immediately available for contract/freelance/telecommute Architectural Design/CAD and any other 2D/3D Structural or Mechanical CAD Drafting assistance. I am currently living in Bellingham, Washington after living in BC, Canada for 5-1/2 years (born/raised in US) and need to re-establish myself in the US. I have experience with High-End Single/Multi-Family, Mixed-Use Retail, Hospitality, Commercial/Industrial buildings, Themed Environments and more. I have designed some very unique homes and numerous custom home theaters, safe-rooms, as well as custom work for Disney, Universal Studios, Woods Hole Oceanographic, Military, etc. Accustomed to Non-Disclosure Agreement for corporate/military/security/etc. Typically, I design high-end custom homes (masonry, steel, timber, log, framed, my own unique green/alternative building system & components), remodels/additions, self-sufficient cabins, reproduce old scanned blueprints into new CAD files, provide 2D/3D graphics, maps, and more. Please visit my new Blog ( for a small sample portfolio of my recent and past projects (a work in progress). If requested, I can send you many more designs including unique contemporary, classic, rustic and high-end homes or other projects (2D/3D Mechanical, Assemblies, shop-drawings, etc.). See my very diverse background below. INTRODUCTION I am an Architectural & Industrial Designer (no affiliations, non-registered) with a very strong background in construction (Arch/Struct) and 2D/3D CAD. Currently, I am looking for work, preferably doing Architectural or Product Design, CAD Documentation/Presentation, 3D work, As-Builts (digital conversion of existing paper drawings), or Construction Consulting.. All of my work is from my home computer or laptop and I have a high-speed internet connection for sending and receiving large files. AutoCAD Architecture 2015 & Revit 2015 (Arch/Struct/MEP/Civil), SpaceClaim 2014 (beginner), SolidWorks 2014, Inventor 2015, PTC Creo 3, SketchUp 2014 Pro, and more are some of my most used design and graphics tools (very detailed 3D models with photo-realistic materials - other software listed below). I am familiar with most Building Codes (including NBC, IBC, BCBC-Canada and others), construction methods and materials, and the permitting process. Recently, I have begun to do a lot more 3D CAD modeling for product design and development, including prototyping, visualization/presentation, mechanical/industrial design, assemblies, reverse-engineering and more. I have a very unique and diverse set of skills and experience in a very wide range of subject matter. If you can imagine it, I can design it, draw it, and present it in a professional manner for product approval or construction, fabrication, and or documentation. COVER LETTER: As you will see from my resume and blog portfolio, I have worked all over the U.S., the Bahamas and B.C., Canada in the luxury custom homes market (Single and Multi-Family) as well as the entertainment and themed-environment markets. I have also worked full-time for a Structural Engineer in Florida. I am a very talented, highly intelligent, and unique Designer/CAD Expert (Senior Level 2D & 3D) currently looking for freelance, or contract work. I lived just north of the Whistler Ski Resort in Pemberton, B.C. I was designing custom homes in Canada for over 5-1/2 years. While living there, I completed 16 high-end custom homes, 6 remodels, two multi-unit townhouse projects, the new Pemberton Distillery, and many other Design/CAD projects. I have also been an architectural consultant for builders and developers in the Sea-to-Sky corridor providing advice on unique sustainable homes and future mixed-use buildings. I had numerous timber-frame/log construction contacts throughout B.C., including mills/CNC operations, builders, craftsmen/artists, welders, joinery masters, inspectors, various architects/engineers, and numerous other tradesmen. I spent 6 months working full-time for a major Timber and Log Home builder/supplier in Kaslo, BC. I also assisted in the completion of a large new mixed-use project in Pemberton (redesigned parts of the exterior and completely redesigned the proposed Commercial Floor work/live studios). Recent projects are a 1930's Craftsman Era home renovation in Vancouver, a 1600 s.f. hybrid timber-frame in Pemberton (my "Poole Creek" design is for sale), a major Addition/Remodel to a small Pan-Abode log home, and a few other small timber-frame projects. Many of my past architectural designs have a strong Mediterranean/Tuscan style due to their location (Florida/Bahamas). My personal tastes and style preferences lean more toward a modern look that combines an eclectic use of materials with a comfortably warm and rustic feel (built to last). This does not, however, restrict my creativity when it comes to unique ideas to meet the clients wishes. I enjoy exploring the creative use of materials, light, and geometry in a minimalist motif. I also have a great interest in, and knowledge of, natural building materials and methods, self-sufficient design, and low (or "free") energy power systems. I have over 20 years of experience designing and supervising the construction of high-end custom homes (Wood/Steel Framed, CMU, Timber and Logs, and Modular). I'm a talented designer, an excellent CAD Technologist & Instructor, and I know how to detail and complete a full set of construction documents. I also do 3D renderings, sketches, animated walk-throughs, and scaled models. I grew up working with my grandfather in the construction business. After university, I ran my own small construction framing business - when I wasn't designing homes. Please see my new blog at the address below for samples of my work. These are mostly samples of recent projects of mine (more detailed drawings available). About 80% of my work for the last 15+ years has been in the high-end and luxury custom home markets. The balance has been in Retail, Commercial, Mid/High-rise Condos (Miami Beach, Orlando, Los Angeles, Bahamas), Entertainment Facilities, Themed Environments, and most recently in mechanical/product design & assembly CAD drawings. I have a lot of hands-on construction experience on the job-site and behind the CAD station. Feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I am immediately available for work at my contract rate of $25/hr. (or per-square-foot or a flat fee -- volume discount negotiable. Due to my diverse background, the constructable accuracy and quality of my designs are greater than much of my competition. Many architects are charging $150/hour and up. Many "technicians/draftsmen" may charge less than me, but it shows in their poor drawing quality, lack of construction knowledge, and basic design skills. When asking for a residential price quote, please provide me with the following information: *Type of Construction (timber, log, stick-framed, masonry, etc.) *Design Style (a unique custom or modern home or a very stylized traditional design costs more than a basic "square box" design). *Square Footage, including Basements, Lofts, Garages, Porches, etc. I only charge for gross "living" square footage, unless the foundation or exterior areas are complicated or require extensive design/detail time. *Your Drawing/Permit Requirements - Do you need basic plans, elevations, a bldg. section, site plan or do you need full spec's with details, framing plans, 3D model, etc.? (area dependent) *Ball-park Estimate of Final Construction Costs - Total or Per-Square-Foot. This gives me an idea of how flexible and elaborate my design can be. *Spec Home or Custom Client Design? - Clients usually need more attention to particular needs unless you work that out in-house. Have a great day, Kevin Wright Architectural Designer/Consultant Please visit my Blog for samples of my work: CAD Software experience: * AutoCAD Architect 2015 (Expert), Revit Suite 2015, Tekla Structure 2014, ArchiCAD (basics), SketchUp 2014 Pro & Google Earth, VectorWorks Architect 2010 (the basics), Chief Architect X6, SoftPlan 13, AutoCAD SketchBook Designer (2014), AutoCAD Map 3D/Civil 3D & MapINFO (and other GIS software). Also use Adobe Suite and other 2D/3D/Graphics programs. IT/Networking/CAD Management. Previous experience in Mechanical Design/CAD for Military Aircraft, Aerospace, Textile, and Oceanographic projects. Currently experimenting/using the latest versions of SpaceClaim 2014, SolidWorks 2014, Inventor 2015, PTC Creo 3, & other parametric CAD/CAM programs for Milling, CNC & 3D Printing/Fabrication. Educational Background: * Ball State University, College of Architecture & Planning - Bachelors Degree. Post Educational: * Military Service - U.S. Army Reserves & Indiana National Guard -Heavy Construction Equipment Operation/Repair * Indiana Realtors License. -No longer active. NO TEMP AGENCIES, HEAD-HUNTERS, NSA, FBI, CIA, RCMP, CSIS, MOSSAD, ETC.! ]:-}>


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Self-Employed, Telecommute Designer & 2D/3D CAD Consultant/Guru May 1987 - April 2016

Freelancing Designer, CAD expert, Inventor w/ a unique skill-set: -Architect / Designer / Visionary. (not-affiliated, non-corporate, non-owned) -Builder / Remodeler / Carpenter. -Remote Cabin/Retreat Design for Self-Sufficient Living. -Naturally-based Materials, Building Component Designer. -2D/3D CAD / Building Blueprints / Permits. -Former Realtor / Investor / Property Flipper. -Landlord / Property Management / Maintenance / Caretaker. -Industrial Designer / Inventor / Maker / Fabricator. -Reverse Engineering / Product Development -Furniture Builder / Artist (Industrial/Rustic/Ancient). -Sacred Geometry Studies / Nature's Math / Electromagnetic Researcher. -Heavy Construction Equipment Operator (Army Trained). -Heavy Construction Equipment Mechanic - Standard & Diesel (Army Trained). -Computer Software Instructor (CAD/CAM/GIS, SketchUp, MS Office, etc.). -Computer Build / Repair / Troubleshoot / IT. -Writer / Blogger / Researcher / Activist / Trouble Maker :]~ + I don't like labels but I'm more-or-less a non-religious "Libertarian" w/ natural family values. -Survival skills. -Organic Gardening / Holistic Healing / Self-Proclaimed Cook :) -Natural Product Manufacturing -Some Foraging Experience -Beating Tumors/Cancer, holistically (in spite of hardships) -Research in Cellular/Molecular Biology, & Oncology (Apoptosis & Autophagy). -Research in Holistic Cancer & Diabetes Treatments. -Research in Hemp/Cannabis, Cannabinoid receptors and the Endocannabinoid system (420 MEDICAL USE before sleep only). -Research in Memory and Brain Function. -Outdoor Adventure, Recreation / Fitness. -Mixed-Martial Artist (combat self-defense). -Former Power Lifter and Body Builder. -Fitness Training and Healthy Diet Coordination. -Extreme Stretching, Joint Manipulation/Strengthening, Breathing (My own intense "Yoga" system). -and more. . .



Ball State University - College of Architecture & Planning Bachelor of Science 1982 - 1987



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Interests: I am looking for an investor or sponsor to provide or purchase a 3D-printer for me in exchange for (barter) my 3D Design & Printing services. I need to start a small business and would be more than happy to create and 3D Print products/parts for you until an agreed upon amount of my services matches the cost of the printer plus a negotiable fee. See this vision here:

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