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I have used Solidworks <a href='dial:2008-2018' style='text-decoration: underline'>2008-2012</a>, Autodesk Inventor <a href='dial:2009-2018' style='text-decoration: underline'>2009-2011</a> and AutoCAD R12 – 2018 I have had training in Pro-Engineer Wildfire Ver4.0 and certified by PTC. I am self taught in Catia V5, Solidedge ST10 and Radan 3D. I have a keen interest in all things mechanical and learning about the company and the components that they manufacture/produce.


work experience

AMD Rotoloc Junior Draughtsman October 1995 - April 1997

Worked at AMD Rotoloc as a junior Draughtsman and helped out in the drawing office and assisted in the design of Rotary Vane Feeders, Knife gates, Clamshell gates and Diverter Chutes. Worked on a drawing board for a while then moved onto AutoCAD R12 once I had completed my training.

Grant Andrews Office Funiture Draughtsman June 1997 - July 1998

Producing component/part drawings for their production facility using AutoCAD R13 and AutoCAD R14. Issuing documentation, liase with factory personnel and the purchasing department Involved on a project called MAUSER filing cabinet and Cope 2000.

SHS Conveyors Draughtsman February 2001 - October 2003

I was involved in various projects at SHS Conveyors. Worked on a project for DELL Computers in Limerick had to design a new Trash Conveyor. Worked on a project for Code – X Office Supplies also had to go to site to measure up their new building floor area so that the conveying system could be manufactured to customer’s satisfaction. Worked on the redesigning of the Benchmark ball tables these had to have pneumatic cylinders installed so that they could lock a pallet into position.

M.A.G Engineering Design Engineer August 2008 - December 2008

Designing components using SolidWorks 2010 and Autodesk Inventor 2010 then machining these components on a Lathe and a Milling machine. These components are for small radio controlled aircraft engines and are made from various materials from Aluminium, Mild Steal, and Stainless Steel to very expensive materials like Inconel.

LOMA Sytems Mechanical Design Engineer. August 2008 - December 2008

Worked at LOMA SYSTEMS and was involved with their CW3 (Check weigh 3) conveyor system, this system X-Rays the product (Food or Pharmaceutical products) for foreign material ferrous and non ferrous material if any foreign material is detected the product is rejected into a reject bin attached to the side of the conveyor the same conveyor will also weigh the product for the correct weight if the product is under weight or over weight it will be rejected into another bin.

Subsea Components (Aker Solutions). Design Engineer (Contractor). April 2012 - December 2012

Worked at Subsea Components and I am involved in three projects that are ongoing Namely C.I.V’s (Hydraulic and ROV) , Shuttle Valves and Stabplates. Using SolidWorks 2011 and AutoCAD 2011. Working with materials such as Stainless Steel 316 S11, Nitronic 50 and 60, Inconel 601, Super Duplex and a variety of other metals.

Aylesbury Automation Design Engineer March 2013 - June 2013

Worked as a Design Engineer using Solidworks 2013 I have been involved in four projects Namely for Deb Ltd, Gripple, Aptar and Wyeth. The company I worked for produce specialized automation machinery for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Medical companies. Also used PDM which is where you would store all your work once you have checked them in it is similar to Autodesk Inventor Vault.

Secomak Design Engineer August 2013 - November 2013

Worked for Secomak an Automation company who produce bespoke machinery for The food and Pharmaceutical industries all over the world. I was involved in the design of a conveyor system that would dry a Capri sun drinking pouch using Air knifes. This conveyor was destined for the United States of America. Used Solidworks 2013, Autodesk Inventor 2013, AutoCAD 2013 and Solidworks PDM. I was also involved in issuing an ECR (Engineering Change Request) and Issuing an ECN (Engineering Change Notice) when a model or drawing had to be changed or updated.

Hope Technical Developments Design Engineer December 2013 - March 2014

Presently working for a company that specialises in Rear Bumpers and Tow units which are designed for all makes of vehicles they also do special jobs. At the moment I am involved on a project called the Pallet Mover for air ports. I am using Solidedge ST6 and AutoCAD 2002.

Buhler Sortex Design Engineer February 2014 - May 2014

Worked on their Sortex S machine using Autodesk Inventor 2013 and AutoCAD 2013. Updating models and drawings, Sheet metal drawings, Issuing change notes and workshop orders etc. I was also using Autodesk Inventor Vault (Checking in and Checking out [Smarteam and Enterprise PDM]).

Industrial Gas Springs Design Engineer May 2014 - June 2014

Worked at IGS using SolidWorks 2014 . Using EPDM I was checking out drawings making changes or updating drawings then Checking them in then changing the state, submitting for checking, check passed or even release to production or even ECR Requested.

Curtiss Wright Mechanical Design Engineer June 2014 - August 2014

Working on a project destined for Portugal. This Project is a large Shot Peening machine to relieve stress in aircraft wings. I was using Autodesk Inventor 2014 and Autodesk Vault 2014. Making modifications to parts then producing workable drawings. I was also producing sheet metal components using Autodesk Inventor.

Stop-Choc (Hutchinson) Design Engineer July 2014 - August 2014

Used Autodesk Inventor 2014 and Autodesk Vault 2014. I was involved in converting 3D models into working 2D drawings to have part produced.

Clarcor Design Engineer/Draughtsman August 2014 - November 2014

Used Autodesk Inventor 2013 and Autodesk Vault. I was involved in the rebranding of their Title block from GE Air Filtration to Clarcor Air Filtration. Also created 2D drawings of various Sub assembly Drawings.

Cooper Crouse Hinds (Eaton) Design Engineer/Draughtsman February 2015 - December 2015

Used Radan 3D and Soildworks 2015 to create General Assembly drawings for Enclosures/Control Panels for the Oil and Gas industry.

SAS International Design Engineer December 2015 - February 2016

Worked on the London Victoria Station upgrade using Autodesk Inventor 2014 and AutoCAD 2014 Working with sheet metal and designing tiles for the station.

Sapphire Balustrades Design Engineer February 2016 - April 2016

Worked on the London Dock project using Autodesk Inventor 2016 and AutoCAD. Created 3D models In Inventor from drawings in AutoCAD and from these 3D models created Detail manufacturing drawings.



HND Kingston College London -England, BND Dagenham College-London-England, Diploma in Engineering Drawing and Design (Dublin- Ireland).



Workstation specs: Not the best but does well Intel i7 1gig graphics card 24 GIG Memory 2 TB HD aswell as 1TB HD to store my stuff.
Honors and awards:
Interests: Astronomy, Aircraft and mostly Bushcraft and Survival.

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