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Kim Kronslev


Mechanical engineer, with a special interest in motorcycles. Previous projects include a home made KTM RC4, build from 2000 to 2005, which I have been riding on trackdays up to 2012 (see for more details). And a customized Ducati, based on the Monster 1100S, and that is why the models of this was made. The new frame and the new top yoke was made (also as real parts), but the new self-supporting bodywork in carbon became way too expensive, so the project was stopped after a wooden mockup was made from the new CAD-models. The Monster now runs as a track-day bike with the new top yoke (with integrated clip-ons). The latest project is based on the now discontinued Husqvarna Nuda 900R, but only the engine and a few other parts will be reused. The Nuda parts uploaded here are made as reference, even though they will not be used on the real project, but perhaps someone can use them. The model of the Nuda engine is finished, but will be uploaded later. Please note that some parts from the Nuda are taken directly from the BMW F800R.


work experience

DISA Mechanical engineer + CAD/PDM Manager April 1993 - March 2009

Doing engineering of large foundry machines and starting up the use of 3D-CAD in 1996, also incorporating FEM (CatiaV4 and V5), later also extending to the use of PDM-systems.

Kroll Cranes A/S Mechanical engineer April 2009 - December 2017

Doing engineering, mainly winches, for large tower and luffing cranes. Now in Inventor.



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