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I am 20 years old and I have graduated from Chaffey High School with 4 years in engineering courses. I have taken classes that involve Solidworks, AutoCad, Autodesk Revit, 3Ds Max, and Autodesk Inventor. I have achieved the status of "Solidworks Certified Associate by taking the Certification exam. Currently I do freelance 3D Modeling on Fiverr. For work Experience, I have worked for a year at an engineering and manufacturing company near LA. There, I used my also learned how to use CATIA, the lead competitor to Solidworks.


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


Chaffey College Engineering Technology, Machining 2013 -

Currently in school to Get a nice degree that will help me in the machining field of work. I will most likely transfer though.



Workstation specs: WORKSTATION?!?!? Shuuu.... I ain't got no workstation! I got me a nice AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Core PC with 1.5 Gigs of Ram, 120 Gigs of space, and a Toshiba 32' TV monitor.... I guess you could say I'm "old-school." Hahahahaha.... yeah... I know. hehehehe now I got a Radeon X1650 PRO graphics card Update: Same computer but with a 9400GT and 4 Gigs of RAM and an extra 80Gigs of Space upgrades aye? :D UPDATE: Upgrade to a Laptop... a quad core this time. lol Best one I got so far.
Honors and awards: -Technology award in 8th Grade -1st place Winner at 2008 VEX Robotics competition at Chaffey College -4 years in High school advanced engineering classes, using Solidworks along with a Shiny new 3D printer. -Exceptional scores on the Solidworks Certified Associate exam.
Interests: Machining Technology Computers Rendering cool models and videos Designing

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