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Lowell Campbell

CATIA v5 Mechanical PE


25 years of innovative mechanical design and management experience, including 8 years on Boeing 787 and Product Development: primary structure manufacturing, leading tech studies & creating airplane configurations. 17 years of prior experience in conceptual, structural and systems design. Thrive in an environment of demanding technical requirements and developing solutions to complex problems with minimal management guidance.


work experience

Boeing Deisign Engineer October 2004 -

INTEGRATED DESIGN USING CAD + FEM ANALYSIS + MANUFACTURING Simultaneous use of CAD and structural calculations and manufacturing methods allows unrivaled productivity, cost and weight savings, and compressed timeline from concept to production. Integrated structural, mechanical and systems design conforming to complex customer and regulatory requirements. Developed novel method to drill and deburr holes through CFRP-Ti; wrote VisualBasic PLC program and successfully produced burrless holes in 6Al-4V Titanium & CFRP using commercially available technology. Created preliminary designs and released more than 2,000 new assembly and detail part drawings. Structural analysis, materials analysis and weld calculations, electrical & controls systems design of complex hydraulic and electrical power system, networked control systems, power and control cables, pneumatics and water systems.



U.C. Berkeley BSMfgE, Manufacturing Engineering 1983 - 1988

ABET Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering Operations Research



Workstation specs: Dell M4500 -- CATIA v5
Honors and awards: Patents: 5,078,922; 6,186,654; 6,293,689; 6,527,428 Patent App# 13,293,958: Boeing airplane design configuration Mechanical Engineering License# M30177 & 26485
Interests: CATIA v5

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