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luis Alberto

i'm a little boy with a university title
  • Specialized in Toys


hi, when i was 1 year old i could down of the bed but i always fall and... i learn to stand up myself, and run, after.... now i am an mechatronical engineer, accidentaly in love of the mechanical desing, materials, mechanism, all themes of cinematic and dinamic cience are of my interest. if you have a bike, let's go to the way, no matter what bike you have, surely i have one similar, BMX, Mountain Bike, City bike, fastest and recumbents bike are in my personal collection


work experience

Mekabot chief of the innovative and develop department

we build toys for schools, for teach the cience and work with the Phenomenons of the nature



Universidad Nacional de Colombia 5 DOF, Mechatronic 2007 - 2013

i'm happy for study my dream, now i build my fantasies, cause, my dream is real



Workstation specs: i'm building my own work, i'm the CEO, and i want to know the work on the world for invite to work with me
Honors and awards: 1, the unit of the price is on my perspective
Interests: work in my proyects, live the "vida loca", jajaja, and enjoy with every and anyone days of my live

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