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maarten weidema

Eyewear designer


Eyewear designer and creator of brands. Setting up eyewear collection for fashion and sport brands or completely new eyewear brands for over 15 years. From the early sketches until mass production and marketing campaigns. Helped many people from grabcad already, setting up an eyewear collection for them, or completelly different 3D modelling aswell ofcourse. Files here are mostly free time fun projects, for i dont share my client projects.


work experience

Procchiali Eyewear Studio owner / head of design July 1999 -

The Procchiali Eyewear Studio helps upcoming and/or establised brands to set up an eyewear collection, that will match their current apparel or brand identity. With over 15 years of experience in the 3d design of (sun)glasses and a solid network of factories, Procchiali is able to design a complete eyewear collection, make sample runs and have them ready for mass production within 5 months. Due to the long experience within the optical market, local or global distribution can be matched with the product identity to help the brand kickstart.






Workstation specs: i work on an Lian Li superPC with a dual hexacore (12)
Honors and awards:
Interests: Eyewear

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