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Manuel Bayonas

Things can be improved


I was born in Spain in the eighties, so my parents still talk about the thrill they got when plastic got to be a common material in household hardware. Now I've got the build-your-own plastic hardware fever. I can't stop thinking about home built improvements, tools, decors... and of course toys for my 2 years old! I've been enjoying creations from other designers for some time now. People do pretty awesome things! My wife says 3D printers are the closest thing we'll ever get to teleportation... (for now!).


work experience

Miguel Hernandez University (Spain) Lab Technician (at Neuroscience Institute) November 2007 - July 2011

As a part of the Ocular Neurobiology Group, I was responsible for the scientific hardware area. From computers maintenance and Set-up's improvement, to specific tool design and develop.

Miguel Hernandez University (Spain) Lab Technician (at Bioengineering Institute) July 2011 -

I design specific tools and gadgets for vision related research: almost everything between your run of the mill microscope slide rack to super cool ultrasound walking sticks for the blind. Anything broken? I'll fix it! Or at least I'll try... Some things are just better REDESIGNED!



San Juan Bosco Technical School (Lorca, Spain) Telecommunications Technician, Electronics and Telecommunications 2003 - 2005



Workstation specs: Intel Core i7 2.00GHz 8 GB RAM Windows 7 64 bit NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M _____________________ M2 3D Printer
Honors and awards: - 4th place at the 3D Printshow (2013) challenge - 4th place at the Dreambox 3D4D: Protective Sunglasses for Children (2014) challenge
Interests: Designing, camping, decorating, cooking, gardening, 3D printing...

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