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marc erasmus

..."All work and no play makes Marc a dull boy :) "


Designed and manufactured cnc machines since 2003. Currently design a wide variety of custom industrial plant and machinery, 3d Laser scanning, 3D printing, laser cutting, 3D modelling. main interests are, reverse engineering, unusual inventions, robots, rare earth magnets, musical instruments, renewable energy, recycling, perpetual motion and aerospace.


work experience

Redline Laser owner August 2015 -

After many years in the Engineering R&D Field, I founded uni-cam cnc systems in 2007, while there, I designed and manufactured cnc routers, mills, plasma cutters and other custom cnc systems. I have since left uni-cam and decided to pursue a slightly different angle on engineering focusing primarily on reverse engineering. I now own RedlineLaser where I do 3D Modelling, 3D Laser Scanning, 2D laser cutting,3D printing and 2D+3D CAD consulting work to compliment my reverse engineering skills.



I have always worked for my self and essentially began this after coming out of the SADF [South African Defense Force] in '82. I spent 11 years designing and manufacturing several styles of electric and acoustic guitars. At that time, I also designed, built and flew radio control planes up to 1/4 scale. I ran my own engineering business for 35 years or so, first doing general engineering and then design and manufacture of cnc routers, plasma cutters and laser cutters. I love what I do with a passion. In 2015 I decided to leave running the engineering factory and am much happier now working on my own from my studio at home where I do product development, industrial design and reverse engineering on a consulting basis. I Firmly believe that "everyday is my education, no exceptions" I design in Solidworks since 1997 and currently use SolidWorks 2015 and 2016. I use a NextEngine 3D laser scanner with their top end software bundle of Scan Studio and Rapidworks. I am happy to report that I absolutely love their product and am having heaps of fun getting to know and use the 3D laser technology :) ...That's far...



Workstation specs: Hp XW 4600 workstation
Honors and awards: I don't do things for honors and awards but I once won an art competition in 1971... if that counts for anything. The prize was a thick book which didn't please me as I was 10 years old and it didn't have any pictures!
Interests: Geometry, Laser scanning, Design Philosophy, Ergonomics

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