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work experience

BEM Brudniccy Sp. z o. o. Contract Engineer April 2009 - July 2011

Preparation and orders regarding material requirements Creation of workshop steel ironwork Production orders, coordinate deadlines Create assembly documentation regarding steel ironwork Preparing as-built documentation / application unit in the building Prints projections, sections of buildings Creating documentation for the installation carpentry doors Preparation of material requirements Preparing as-built documentation Drawings of the equipment door woodwork

Opeus Sp. z o. o. Group Technical manager August 2011 - December 2017

Measurements of the construction contract for entrusted Preparation of design documentation on steel and aluminum joinery Participation in meetings of project Preparation and orders regarding material requirements Creation of workshop ironwork steel and aluminum Production orders, coordinate deadlines Create assembly documentation for steel and aluminum joinery Contacts with subcontractors (purely technical / dot. Mounting) Supervision schedule Preparation of documentation for the individual use of the facility Preparation of documentation to create approvals All tests ordered in the ITB Technical Approval Help with offers and advice

MC-CONSULTING Marcin Chyba Owner/Designer January 2018 -

Development of conceptual documentation (construction, wall fillings, installations, fire resistance, acoustic insulation and fire insulation) • Making patent claims • Development of research documentation • Conducting fire, acoustic, thermal, functional and utility tests NRO fire tests • Permanent product development through the elaborate of new solutions and on based on market research. • Optimization the solutions at an angle of used materials and technology of production and assembly. • Developing solutions in accordance with the regulations in force in the target country of sale. • Developing the production technology. • Developing the assembly technology. • Admission of products like/materials like doors windows, boards, connectors, etc on target markets. • Execution of European technical approval. • Technical opinions for implementation. • Realization / Service technical opinions. • Developing alternative solutions during cost estimation. • Developing of production technology and new solutions assembly. • Selection of solutions and materials used in accordance with the regulations and other requirements. • Preparation of documentation with the preliminary selection of materials. • Arrangements with research institutions. • Preparation of technical and / or admission documentation. • Possible certification



Warsaw University of Technology M. Sc., Eng., Institute of Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Systems and Automation 2004 - 2010

Also Institute of Mechanical Engineering Machinery and Equipment for the Chemical and Food-Processing Industries



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