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work experience

Flight Display Systems Design & Manufacturing Engineer December 2009 - June 2010

• Design 3D parts for Aerospace applications in SolidWorks (Sheet metal & machined parts) • Quality control & First Article Inspection for all new products • Optimize lean manufacturing techniques for all products • Designed 14” touch screen ( FD141CV-C-1) OEM replacements for helicopter • Reduced size, added power filtering, & EMI shielding for the 7” LCD (FD70CV-M) • Created wire path fixtures for reducing wire length & EMI interference • Consult with Electrical Engineers to determine building constants • Perform FEA tests using SolidWorks to optimize design aspects & reduce production time

Engineering and Manufacturing Services ( EMS ) Regional Application Engineer June 2010 - September 2012

• Product Support & training on 3D scanners & printers (3D systems, Rapidform, steinbeckler, Konica Minolta, Surphaser) • Reverse engineer customer’s part with scan data using Rapidform (XOR) • First Article inspections with Scan data using Rapidform (XOV) • Take Customers Idea to create 3D functional prototypes

Gulfstream Aerospace Manufacturing / Industrial Engineer II September 2012 -

• Identified issues with release sprays for antenna fairings and implemented alternative release agent (Total Cost savings Per year $55,000, Time savings 12 weeks a year, and green savings of 1 ton less PTFE in the atmosphere) • Designed 12 new laser work cell to optimize working area and flexibility. Increased effective working area by over 30%, reduced duct collection areas over 50% and designed in the possibility to chain lasers together to project a 15’ X 35’ tool • Worked on a cross departmental team as the subject matter expert for manufacturing window bezel. Project is projected to save Gulfstream more than $500,000 a year in installation time and repair time. • Helped facilitate O-3 expansions working with outside contractors and AAP IE/ME • Designed and implemented Mobile Computer Workstations around technicians’ needs to increase work flow and reduce working time ( 42 Mobile Computer Workstations implemented to date) • Conducted 6 3P (production preparation process) exercises to identify issues with new AAP processes • Identified electrical power constants in department 622. Worked with outside vendor to redesigned proposed circuit layout to not overload circuits.



Georgia Southern University Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering Technology, Engineering 2005 - 2009

HOPE Scholarship Recipient Deserving dozen (top 12 GPA’s for CRI) Presidents List (4.0 GPA) Dean’s List (3.5 GPA) “Leader of the Pack” nomination 3rd place in ASME technical poster competition



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