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I have a huge passion for Mechanical Engineering. Mostly I am interested in Mechanical Design, Thermodynamics, and Internal Combustion Engines. My dream is to start a company that can build a world were the consumer can also become the manufacturer. I would like to support the design of 3D printable objects that are accessible to anyone and can be practically used. I would like to also explore the possibility of creating prosthetics that do not limit the capabilities of a person. My goal is to make a difference through my ideas and concepts by bringing them into existence to be used to help others.


work experience

Display Supply and Lighting RMA Failure Analysis May 2013 - April 2016

I work with Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting systems that support direct connection, DMX, and Ethernet communications for lighting fixtures, power supplies, and controllers. In addition I work with Philips Controls and teletrol: Energy Management for Retail.

Hydro Component Systems Mechanical Engineer April 2016 - January 2027



Marquette University Mechanical Engineering 2008 - 2013

Organizations: ASME, Triangle Fraternity



Workstation specs: Alienware Mx14, Solidworks, Blender
Honors and awards:
Interests: Mechanical Design, Firearms, Internal Combustion Engines, 3D Printing, Video Games, Mechanical Engineering, Motorcycles, Snowboarding, Music, Cooking, Brewing Beer

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