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I have been doing CAD design work since around 1998 or so. I have dabbled with many of the CAD programs -and now I am hooked on SolidWorks. I love modeling things and often just pick up a random item from my desk and model it up in 3D. I am also big into automotive design (the mechanical works of it) I wish I had the artistic skills and vision to do the body design work. But I am more of a mechanical technology kind of designer type. I am also very fascinated with exotic composites. I enjoy improving mechanical items or mechanical processes. I also enjoy a little bit of hobby machine work. I have one of those small bench-top lathes that I tinker with from time to time. They may not be as accurate as a much larger and more expensive machine -but that doesn't mean that you can't produce accurate items with one. It just takes a little more of the hands-on skill and a lot more patience! Someday -I would like to install a true vertical mill and lathe in my shop. My shop is definitely large enough for them. I just need to splurge for them.


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Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


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Interests: Automotive Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical and Machine Engineering

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