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Mohamed Irfan

Mechanical Engineer


I am B-Tech Mechanical Engineer


work experience

Omega Techniks India Pvt Ltd Mechanical design engineer September 2011 - November 2013

o Done Precision Press tools designs using AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Catiav5. o Participated in assembling works of press & dies and trial taking of new tools. o Used CatiaV5 Surface design to manipulate customer given complex design to required tool model. o MS-Office used to Produce Bill of Materials, Schedules, etc. o Continuously improved design of new Press tools to minimize cost and to increase productivity. o Mainly products included were Ford Car Door Handle, Royal Enfield bike tank case, other automobile parts, etc.

EAGLE Industries DWC-LLC Mechanical Design Engineer September 2014 - October 2015

o Designed and developed Various Airport GSE parts, Sheet Metal Parts and Structural Components using Solidworks from concept to manufacture. o Interface with other design engineers, engineering data and specs to make new designs. o Done Stress Analysis and analyse the design engineering output to ensure compliance with project and ISO standards. o Participated in day by day meetings with managers. o Guided the fabrication team by sharing welding symbols and information to get exact result. o Done Complex Material Estimation for a series of projects and got approval by the UAE govt. firm to start the work. o The Products I designed and manufactured included were Luggage Carrying Tractor, Dollies, Tanks, Cart Hanger, Fully accurate Jigs & Fixtures and Airport related components.

Electrolaise Manufacturing LLC UAE Product Development and design engineer November 2015 - June 2017

o Designed and developed Various Stainless Steel Kitchen Engineering Equipments like variety Hot Units & Cold Refrigeration Units along with other Sheet Metal Parts and Structural Components using Solidworks and AutoCAD 2d from concept to manufacture to reduce cost, increased production rate and productivity. o Developed so many previous products to a new level having better appearance and features. o Increased the productivity by increasing fabrication rate by suitable methods along with product developments and Direct floor Supervision. o Upgraded the old 2d AutoCAD design system to 3d Modelling & Design method by the use of Solidworks. o Visited sites for measurements and Coordinate with the clients.

HydroSERV Technology Design & Sales Engineer November 2017 - January 2019

- Do the design of custom equipments for the manufacturing for oil and gas industry. - Meet the clients to discuss about equipments. - Do the sales and renting of equipments.



College Engineering Trivandrum Btech , Mechanical Engineering Degree 2007 - 2011



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