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I am a technical assistant, and has worked with Inventor catia 4 + 5, solid works and a few more. This model download site, I will only use for my hobby. I love to make all my stuff in 3d :O)


work experience

Unemployed at the moment

I have worked for 15 years in the metal construction industry, I among others have made trains for Bombardier and I have also made meat machines, grinders, boilers and transport systems for the meat industry. I also made pumps in project groups at Grundfos.



technical assistant 1997 - 2001



Workstation specs: CPU - Intel Core i7 6700K Motherboard - Z170 pro Memory - 64 DDr 3400 MHz Graphics - 2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 Harddisk - 8TB WD Monitor - 3 x ASUS 27" PG278Q ROG
Honors and awards:
Interests: Konstruktion, wood (building big things, or cut delicate pattons on my scrollsaw. Gardening, aquarium, motorcycle, aquaponics, greenhouse, Electronics, photo, photo editing, filming, movie making and of course my children.

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