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3D Scanning & Prototyping Services Provider


3D scanning, reverse engineering, and inspection service provider.


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Neomek is an independently owned and operated business servicing multiple industries throughout the North America since 1995. The company provides rapid prototyping, 3D scanning, product development, engineering, and low-volume manufacturing services. Over the past two decades, Neomek has earned the distinction of being named "The Preferred Service Provider" for hundreds of the world's leading product development firms by providing "Best in Class" support and manufacturing services. At Neomek, we believe our success can only be determined by our customers' satisfaction and confidence in our services and project managers. We employ professionals who share in our passion and commitment in providing the best possible customer service and competitive value available today. Neomek is a unique company. We provide prototyping, 3D scanning, engineering, product development, and low-volume manufacturing, all under one roof. Our full-service capabilities brand us as the vendor of choice for hundreds of companies throughout the United States. Neomek utilizes all the latest technologies, making us an ideal partner for virtually any design or manufacturing company. In addition to utilizing the latest technologies, Neomek employs top engineers and extremely talented craftsmen. Neomek is the best at what we do, because our people are the best at what they do.



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