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I am working as a mechatronics engineer at 3D Modeling Department of Smart Design Labs. The company is a premier full is a premier full service precision dimensional company providing a wide array of 3D modeling services (STL to CAD) with the highest standards of accuracy and technical staffs who are professional, dynamic, creative, trained abroad. We always explore, improve the quality of our services to bring to customers the best products. Our services include 2 important items: - Reverse Engineering: Arranging and optimizing the mess of point clouds (.stl, .obj) after scanning process to get a perfect model (STL). Furthermore, The format 3D CAD file or NURBS SURFACE (.stp, .igs...) are necessary to both rebuilding and manufacturing will be definitely provided as the customer requires. - Quality Control: Performing dimensional inspection and/or 3D analysis of the point cloud relative to engineering drawings and/or 3D CAD models of existing design requirements. Contact information:


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


Hanoi University of Science and Technology Mechatronics Engineer, Mechatronics, Mechanical, Material 2011 - 2016

I worked as researcher-student at International Institute for Computational Science and Engineering from 2012 till May 2016



Workstation specs: Dell Precision T3600 MT Intel® Xeon E5-1620 Processor socket 2011 3.6 GHz up to 3,9 GHz, 10M L3 cache Windows® 7 Professional 64-Bit SP3 Geomagic Design X and Geomagic Control 2016
Honors and awards:

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