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My working life has been an exciting mixture of varied careers, giving me a broad depth of life experiences to draw upon. I am very proud of my work history and reputation and all those that have worked with me would vouch for my work quality, effort and ethics.


work experience

Go Ski Manager January 1980 - January 1991

I was employed as a business manager by 2 competing Shepparton ski shops over a period of 11+ years and in each case grew the businesses from back yard concerns into highly profitable and respected entities. I was also involved with the local clubs, chamber of commerce, the mall traders association, lobbying of local council and was often asked to speak at community clubs, schools etc. One of the most enjoyable roles was operating tour buses to Mount Hotham for weekend and day trips.

Shepparton Airlines / Gawne Aviation Line Pilot / Operations Manager / Instructor January 1991 - December 2014

I researched in depth the viability and compiled business plans for the establishment of a small regional airline that operated from Shepparton to Canberra and Sydney prior to the airline discount period. I also acted as the operations manager, line pilot, catering staff etc. I have held a commercial pilots licence since 1991 including, Multi engine, IFR, Instructor, Glass Cockpit, RPT, and Ultralight approvals. I have used my pilots licence to advantage with all my working roles particularly in urgent service situations in difficult locations. I continued to teach flying on a part time basis for this company for many years (weekends).

J Furphy & Sons Project Manager / Design / Drafting January 1999 - January 2002

Furphy's is a large regional engineering company specializing in tank fabrication. Furphys is a company that does things by the book. I learnt a lot about compliance, standards, weld procedures, OHS standards, machine guarding and personnel safety. Furphy's have lots of junior apprentices and do a great job at staff training. I was very involved with the laser cutting and galvanizing division and have a good understanding of these operations.

Russell's Ice Service Design / Drafting January 1999 - January 2002

This was my first engineering design, drafting job and was a great introduction and learning experience. A very small operation but with a very clever Owner Manager. You don't need to be big to be successful. In a small company you do everything from reception, admin, design, fabrication, installation, and even fly the staff to work sites. A very high pressure job but at times a lot of fun.

EDP Design Drafting April 2005 - November 2012

I am highly proficient with the use of Auto Cad, Solid Works and Solid Edge. I have proudly designed from scratch, hundreds of successful machines and total factory systems from the very complex to the very simple and improved the design, efficiency and safety of many older machines. I also believe in the law of constant improvement and critically analyse my own work and strive to provide exceptional quality, functional, safe and compliant products that are simple and economical to fabricate. I have successfully introduced new high performance synthetic materials and design concepts often against die hard old ideals. I have improved many outdated construction methods and workplace practices and improved fabrication methods. Utilizing the 3D CAD program (Solid Edge) I have had the opportunity to greatly improve my CAD skills. I won the Solid Edge “Top Gun” Designer competition in 2005 requiring speed and accuracy. I can easily and quickly provide quality, multi-view 2D hard copies for fabrication, animated 3D electronic drawings or great photo realistic rendered images and exploded views for appraisal or marketing. I work closely with the floor staff and regularly seek feedback on drawings, design and manufacturing methods. I have reduced manufacturing rework, saving hundreds of hours in the workshop due to better quality, user friendly and more detailed drawings and workshop instructions. I have a very good understanding of workshop practices and I am experienced and proficient in the use of most workshop equipment. I have a good understanding of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components and systems and the appropriate use in a design. I also have a very good practical working knowledge of metal work fabrication and treatment techniques and machinery which is reflected in my work instructions and drawings.

SPC ARDMONA Design / Drafting January 2013 - March 2013

Working with AutoDesk Inventor and Mechanical desktop I developed mostly large scale layout proposals for new equipment installations, relocation and re-use of existing machinery and process flow illustrations. These projects involved a lot of site and equipment measurements and imaging as well as researching new and replacement equipment.

3D Industrial Design & Laser Scanning Owner April 2013 - December 2025

My engineering design business specializes in 3D mechanical design and factory layouts. The recent acquisition of a terrestrial laser scanner has improved accuracy and reduced time to completion dramatically. I am very familiar with critical hygiene projects from simple cross overs to very complex pipework layouts as well as new equipment installations to complete new factory layouts. My customer presentations include highly detailed concept and workshop drawings in many CAD or PDF formats. 3D PDF or CAD models, animations, high resolution renders and Laser Scan data. The majority of my experience is in the fruit and vegetable and dairy industry with a little experience with confectionery and pharmaceutical.



The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: Dell Precision M6700 Metabox Prime X P750DM FARO - M70
Honors and awards:
Interests: Flying, Skiing, Sailing, Motorbikes & Family

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